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  1. core temperature
  2. febrile
  3. diastolic pressure
  4. heat stroke
  5. oxygen saturation
  1. a the amount of hemoglobin fully saturated with oxygen, given as a percent value
  2. b temperature of deep structures of the body
  3. c pertaining to or characterized by an elevated body temperature
  4. d continued exposure to extreme heat raising the core body temperature to 40.5 C (105 F) or higher
  5. e pertaining to diastole, or the blood pressure at the instant of maximum cardiac relaxation

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  1. abnormal lowering of blood pressure that is inadequate for normal perfusion and oxygenation of tissues
  2. device for measuring the arterial blood pressure that consists of an arm or leg cuff with an air bladder connected to a tube and a bulb for pumping air into the bladder and a gauge for indicating the amount of air pressure being exerted against the artery; blood pressure cuff
  3. thermometer which relies on thermal radiation from the ear canal, tympanic membrane, axilla, and temporal artery to measure body temperature
  4. substance or procedure that reduces fever
  5. (1) passage of a fluid through a specific organ or an area of the body; (2) therapeutic measure whereby a drug intended for an isolated part of the body is introduced via the bloodstream

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  1. systolic pressurepertaining to diastole, or the blood pressure at the instant of maximum cardiac relaxation


  2. hypertensiondisorder characterized by an elevated blood pressure persistently exceeding 120/80 mm Hg


  3. pulse pressurepertaining to or resulting from ventricular contraction


  4. diaphoresissecretion of sweat, especially profuse secretion associated with an elevated body temperature, physical exertion, or emotional stress


  5. hypothermiaabnormal lowering of body temperature below 35 C, or 95 F , usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold