The Odyssey

a god of the sea, angry with Odysseus
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goddess of war and wisdom who tries to help OdysseusAthenamessenger god who gives Odysseus an herb to protect him from a witch's powersHermesWhat prevents Odysseus from giving his heart to Calypso and Circe, despite his willingness to stay with them for lengths of time?He is eager to get back to home and wifeWhich trait does Odysseus demonstrate by lying about his name to the Cyclops?creativityPart 1 of the Odyssey is mostly about Odysseus's...heroic deeds and strugglesWhat plant make the sailors forget their desire to return home?lotusHow is Odysseus able t listen safely to the Siren's song?he has his men bind him to the ship's mastWhat do both Tieresius and Circe warn Odysseus not to harm while on his voyage?the cattle of the sun godHow does Odysseus help his men escape the cave of the Cyclops?he ties his men to the underbellies of the ramsHow do Odysseus's me dangerously underestimate Circe?they boldly introduce themselves because she is a young, pretty, femaleHow does Odysseus attract the souls of the dead in the underworld?with the smell of bloodWhat does Tieresius warn Odysseus that he will find when he arrives home?his men eating his food and courting his wifeWhat lie does Calypso tell Odysseus?that she chose to let him goWhy does Odysseus not warn his men about Scylla and Charybdis?he knows they can do nothing to avoid death to some of the menWhat trait of an epic hero does Odysseus show when he ties his men to the rams?clevernessOdysseus shows the cleverness of an epic hero when he...ties his mean to the ramsOdysseus leaves Calypso's island after she helps a raftHow does Odysseus prevent himself from being lured by the Siren's song?He has his men tie him to the mastOdysseus chooses not to tell his men the truth about Scylla and Charybdis because he...knows that his men will panic and stop rowingWhat does Calypso indicate will happen if Odysseus stays on her island?Odysseus will become immortalCirce's vivid images of Scylla and Charybdis are so scary that Odysseus...keeps the truth from his menCirce warns that the men who listen to the song of the Sirens will...crash on the rocksWhy doesn't Odysseus just kill Polyphemus at first opportunity?Odysseus was his guestDescribe how the ancient Greeks saw their responsibilities towards guests or strangers.The gods protects guests.Name two times when Odysseus's men make stupid mistakes that cause problems for the whole crew.- When they open the bags of wind and storms. - When they ate Helios's cattle.What do you think is the worst thing Odysseus does during his travels and why?It was when he was making Poseidon angry. All he had to do was to thank him. Poseidon helped him win the Trojan War. Then Odysseus thinks it is okay to make fun of Poseidon's son which causes Poseidon torment Odysseus and continually drive him away from his home and send him on these epic journeys.What are Odysseus's weaknesses and strengths?Weaknesses: He has a problem of being very proud. He thinks he never makes a mistake. Strengths: He is cunning and creative in solving problems. He never seems to give up and he is a great leader.Based on your notes listing the characteristics of an epic, explain how the Odyssey is indeed an epic.The basic definition of an epic is a very lengthy poem with a heroic character that faces many challenges. This is true for Odysseus because he has a long journey back home after the Trojan War. On his way back he encounters many trials like Circe, The Cyclops, and the Sirens. He also encounters many gods and goddesses in his journeys. There are also themes: - cleverness over strength - pride - justiceBased on Odysseus, what traits would you say the Greeks valued? Be sure to back up your statements with evidence from the story.1) Cunning- he planned the horse in Trojan War 2) Strength- he pulled his bow and fought Cyclops 3) Forethought- heeded warnings, saved his crew from the sirens 4) Honor - he held true to his word, what was required of him, and also made sure he was respected 5) Brave - He was never afraid to do what needed to be done, and he was determined to do what was considered right at the time 6) Wisdom - Though he was quick to defend and fight, he always thought out his actions and chose the best option.wife of OdysseusPenelopeLoyal swineherd who helps Odysseus defeat the suitorsEumaeusOdysseus' loyal dogArgosSon of OdysseusTelemachusLoyal maidservant who recognizes OdysseusEurycleiaSuitor who tries to talk Odysseus out of killing all of themEurymachusThe father of OdysseusLaertesA leader of the suitors who is the first to die in the great hallAntinousGoddess who helps Odysseus throughout his journeysAthenaA cowherd who helps Odysseus defeat the suitorsPhiloetiusWhat is the name of Odysseus' kingdom?IthacaIn Part II of the Odyssey, which god/goddess helps Odysseus at all times?AthenaWhat piece of advice does this god/goddess give Odysseus??Do not reveal himself too soonOdysseus orders Telemachus to...hide the suitors' spears and armorWho is Argos?Odysseus' dogWhat happened to the housemaids who developed relationships with the suitors?They were dismissed from the householdHow does Penelope put off marrying the men?She weaves a shroud for Odysseus and each night she unravels a bitWhat challenges does Penelope give the suitors?She will marry the one who can shoot an arrow through twelve axeheads.What does Athena do twice for Odysseus in Part II?She makes him look more attractiveOdysseus' plan to entrap the suitors involves all of the following except...Penelope falsely agreeing to marry EurymachusEurycleia, the old and faithful maidservant, recongnizes Odysseus because...a scarWhat does Athena do during the battle with the suitors?makes it known that she supports OdysseusWho first gives food and shelter to Odysseus on Ithaca?the swineherd, EumaeusEurymachus tries to persuade Odysseus to spare the lives of the suitors by...saying that the suitors were followers, not leadersOdysseus believes that no one but a god could have moved his bed because...he built it from a tree still rooted in the groundWhich statement best summarizes Odysseus' actions during the bow contest?Odysseus checks the bow, strings it, and shoots it.Penelope doubts Odysseus' identity, so she...has him tell a secret that only they knowThe life and death of the dog, Argos, shows the theme of...loyaltyPenelope shows her true feelings for Odysseus by...weeping over Odysseus' bowWhich sentence best summarizes the reunion of Odysseus and Telemachus?Telemachus is at first suspicious that the gods are tricking him and then overjoyed that his father has returned.Which of the following archetypes is included in Book 22: "Death in the Great Hall"?intervention by a godWhen Telemachus returns home after looking for word of his father, what is the first thing he wants to know about his mother?Is she marriedList two rewards Odysseus promises Eumaneus and Philoetius if they fight alongside him.- a house next to his - to treat them as Telemachus' brothersWhat happens to Argos and why?Argos waited for twenty years for Odysseus' return - only to see him, recognise him through his begger's disguise and then die (from lack of strength and old age) before he could reveal Odysseus' true identity.What does Odysseus believe the crack of thunder means as he holds his bow in the great hall?He thinks it is a sign from Zeus and a bad omen for the suitors.What does Odysseus show to his loyal servants to prove who he is? How does he get this distinguishing mark?The scar on his leg that he got from hunting a boar.What are the steps/requirements of the archery contest that Penelope sets for the suitors?To string the bow, pluck it, and shoot the arrow through the holes of 12 axes.How is Part II of the Odyssey very different from Part I? Think about its subject and plot, what Odysseus' goal is, how we see him as a character, etc. Answer in a paragraph of at least 5 sentences, starting with a topic sentence. Give specific examples.Odysseus is trying to get back home after the Trojan War in Part I. He is trying to defend his home and reclaim his throne in Part II. He is able to defeat the suitors with the help of his son, his loyal servants, and the power of Athena. In Part I, he is full of pride and makes many mistakes that keeps him from getting home. In Part II, he is in disguise and uses his wit to defeat the suitors and save his kingdom and his wife.Theme refers to the message or point an author tries to communicate to us through a story. For example, Shakespeare seems to suggest that violence always leads to destruction and that love doesn't solve all our problems in "Romeo and Juliet". Pick one theme you see in "The Odyssey" and explain how you see that theme depicted. Be sure to include 3 examples or instances of that theme being used in the story.Cunning and disguise: 1) His Trojan horse scheme. The soldiers "disguise" themselves in the body of the Trojan horse. 2) His many tricks against Polyphemos are examples of his cleverness, especially when getting out of jams. dysseus and his men "disguise" themselves as rams to escape from Polyphemos. 3) Odysseus spends the last part of the poem disguised as a beggar, both to escape from harm until he can overthrow the suitors and to test others for loyalty.