31 terms

A&P Exam Review

Puberty usually begins between the ages of
9 and 15
in which order to the affects of childbirth of child occur
amniotic sac breaks, contractions, umbilical cord is cut, placenta and amniotic sac are expelled from the uterus
proteins that tag pathogens for destruction by immune cells are called
Joe has noticed of irregular shape and color, what might this be an early sign of
skin cancer
the primary function of the sensory division of the peripheral nervous system is to transmit impulses
from sense organs to the central nervous system
an example of foods high in fiber is
whole grain bread
which structure in the ear contains tiny hairs that send nerve impulses to the brain, which processes them as sound?
what structure serves as a passageway for both air and food
through which path does blood typically flow through the circulatory system
nail roots are to nails as what is to hair
hair follicle
the function of the excretory system is to control homeostasis and
remove wastes
which of the following foods is a major source of vitamin d
milk, yogurt, and cheese
refer to figure 31-1, which structure carries impulses away from the cell body
refer to figure 31-1, which structure carries impulses to the cell body
what muscular tube carries food between the pharynx and the stomach
the sudden death of brain cells when their blood supply is interrupted is called
a stroke
the most commonly reported bacterial infection in the united states is
which hormones stimulate the gonads to mature
FSH and LH
Which body system is directly affected when a person has heart disease
circulatory system
which type of blood vessel carries blood away from the heart
which of the fives senses involves two types of photoreceptors called rods cones
the germ theory of disease states that infectious diseases are caused by
the bodes most important nonspecific defense is
the skin
for a person who writes with his or her left hand, the muscles involved in writing are controlled by
the right hemisphere of the cerebrum
the nervous system is to a telephone as the endocrine system is to a
radio broadcast
when you take a deep breath before diving underwater air is forced into your lungs by the contraction of your
in the kidneys, both useful substances and wastes are removed from the blood by
which type of muscle can contract without stimulation from the nervous system
which step in figure 35-2 shows a virus being consumed by a cell
in figure 35-2, which structure will respond quickly if the same virus invades the body again
memory t cell
which step in figure 35-2 shows the destruction of an infected cell?