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Driver's Ed

1/2 hour after sunset & 1/2 hour before sunrise
The Light of your vehicle must be turned on between the hours of
a sign prohibits it
Right turns on a red light are permitted after a stop except when
yearly, birth month
A privately owned motor vehicle must be inspected _____ during the owner's ____.
Vehicles (except heavy trucks) do not need a title if they are more than ___ years old.
10mph below posted speed limit, 45 min. before and after school
The speed limit when passing a school during school opening is
When you are involved in any accident causing death, personal injury, or aggregate damage of over ____, a written report must be filed within ___ days, which must be filed with the ____
The NH vision test requires that you can read letters and obtain a reading of 20/___
Upon change of you name or address you should notify the ___ within ___ days
30 feet
The foot brake must be capable of stoppin a vehicle going 20mph within ___
The speed limit in a businessmor urban residence district is
If two behicles enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time, the vehivle on the ___ has to yield the right-of-way
A rectangular sign indicates a
rec. or scenic
A brown sign indicates
A SOLID red traffic signal means
revoked license for 60 days to 2 years and a misdimeanor
What is the penalty for operating a motor vehicle while knowingly being in possession of a controlled drug
traffic is moving in the same direction
On multi-lane highways a dashed white line means...
drive to the next exit
If, when driving on the freeway or toll road you miss your exit, you should
500 ft
Fire apparatus responding to an alarm should not be followed closer than ___
270 days/9 months
Any person convicted for the first time of driving while intoxicated shall lose their license for at least
The speed limit in a rural residence district is
general warning
A diamond sshaped sign indicates
2 second rule
A rule that enables drivers to plan a stopping distance in terms other than feet is called the
you are accompanied by parent, legal guardian, legal aged spouse
Alcoholic berverages may be transported by a person under age 21 in a motor vehicle upon public way only if
it's unopened/stored in the trunk
Alcoholic beverages may be transported in a motor vehicle by a person 21 years of age or older if
turn in the direction of the arrow
A green arrow on a traffic light means
You should signal your intention to turn at least ___ feet before you turn
when person infront is turning left on pavement/ if space/ 2 or more lanes traveling same direction
Name one circumstance when you may legally pass another behicle on the right
A solid yellow line on your side of the roadway parallel to the yellow center line means
You MUST NOT PASS within ___ feet of a bridge or tunnel
150 ft
You must put the headlights on low beams when approaching or overtaking another vehicle within
A down pointed triangle sign means
A person with sight in one eye must read 20/__ to get a driver's license
You must not pass within ___ ft of an intersection or railroad crossing
An operatir's license enables you to operate any motor vehicle except a school bus, motorcycle, transporting HAZMAT, or driving a truck over _____ GVWR
stop or prohibition
The color of a traffic sign indicates the type of message to be found on the sign. Red indicates
A person in charge of a vehicle must remove the _____ from an unattended vehicle
When approaching a school bus with flashing lights in operation, you must bring your vehicle to a full stop in front or rear of the bus at a distance of __ ft away
red cloth
If you become stuck in a heavy snowstorm or blizzard, attach a ______ to your radio antenna and stay with the vehicle
Parking is not allowed within ___ft. of a fire hydrant
drive straight
Which way should you steer if you have a blowout
loss of license for no less than 3 years, fine, and mandatory jail sentence
A conviction of second offense of driving while intoxicated results in
Drive with headlights on ___ beam to reduce the glaring reflection of the lights bouncing back at you in thick fog
You should not park the vehicle on the roadway unless it can be seen at a distance of ___ft.
180 days
If you refuse to take a breath test your license will be suspended for
Facing traffic (left side)
When it becomes necessary to walk on a roadway, which side should you walk on?
left hand down
The correct hand signal for slow or stop is
A vehicle is considered overloaded if the driver's view to the front and side is
On a two-lane, two-way, roadway do not pass another vehicle within ___ft. of an intersection or railroad crossing
give up
Individuals holding an out of state license shall not be issued their NH driver's license until they _______ their out of state license
A motor-driven cycle has an engine which produces no greater than ___ horsepower
You must not drive a vehicle with MORE THAN ___ persons in the front seat
corrective lenses
A "B" restrictive license means that the driver must use
Anyone driving a motor vehicle in New Hampshire must have in their possesion a valid ____ and ____
A legal document showing ownership of a motor vehicle is called a
town or city clerk
If a vehicle is purchased through a private sale, how does one apply for the title
last day of the owner's birth month
In the case of all private passenger vehicles registered by an individual, the registration expires annually on
No tire is in safe operating condition if it worn to a point where less than ___ of tread design remains on the face of the tire
The driver of every vehicle shall ____ for a person crossing the street who is being led by a guide dog, or is holding in an extended position a red cane with a white tip
no passing zone
A pennant-shaped sign located on the left hand side of the road points to the beginning of a
To make a RIGHT TURN, you should be in the ____ lane
If you are parking uphill with the curb, you should turn the wheels of the vehicle to the
Do not park within ___ft. of a crosswalk at an intersection
carry a flashlight
When you walk on a roadway at night you should always