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Simple Machines

a wheel with a line around it
the use of force to move an object over a distance
inclined plane
a slanted surface
simple machine
a machine with few or no moving parts, to which only one force is applied
a bar that pivots on a fixed point
two inclined planes placed back to back
a post with threads wrapped around it
a fixed point on a lever
scientists example of work
lifting a box off the floor
wheel and axle simple machine
the wheel and axle must turn together
what job can you do with a pulley
raise a flag on a flagpole
what is a wedge?
two inclined planes back to back
fishing pole fulcrum
your hand
what simple machine is a fishing pole
a lever
which simple machines change the direction of a force
inclined plane, pulley, wedge
threads on screws are what simple machine?
inclined planes
simple machines to put new shingles on a roof
levers to pry off shingles, inclined plane to get shingles off the truck, a pulley to lift the shingles onto the roof