30 terms

Ancient World: Julius Caesar

What was meant by a contubernium?
A tent group of 8 men
How many men are there in a century?
How many cohorts in a legion?
Who was the senior centurion of a legion?
What was meant by the term imperium?
THe right to command an army
Why did a general in charge of any army have to be a praetor or consul(or ex-praetor/consul?
They had to be trained to lead an army.
What were two items of clothing worn by a general as a sign of his rank?
Moulded, Greek style armour and a purple cloak called a lacerna
Who commanded a legion?
The legatus
Who were the administrative officers of a legion?
Tribuni miltares - Military Tribunes
What was on the helmet of a centurion?
A transverse crest
What did all centurions carry as a sign of rank?
A vinewood staff
What was an optio?
A centurion deputy
How did Marius change the length of service of a soldier?
He increased it to 20 years
How did Marius change the type of soldier who were enrolled in the legions?
He allowed the poor/peasant to enlist
What is capite censi translated?
Head census
How did Marius change the tactical grouping of his legions?
He regrouped the soldiers of a legoion into 10 cohorts rather than 30 maniples
How many men in a cohort?
486 men
Who were the hastati?
Front-row skirmishers
Who were the principes?
Main body of infantry
Who were the trairii?
Veteren troops who stayed behind main body.
Who supplied the soldiers' equipment in the time of Marius ( and later)?
Who was most likely to have introduced the short sword to the Roman army?
What did Marius base his soldiers' military training on?
What change did Marius make to the pilum?
He replaced the third pin with a wooden nail
What symbol was give to the legions by Marius?
The golden eagle
What fitness training did Marius introduce (or reintroduce)?
Running/marching under full kit and carrying one's own baggage
WHy did his soldiers call themselves Marius' mules?
The amount of baggage they had to carry
After Marius' reforms, what did soldeirs expect when they retired from the army?
Rewards such as allocations of land and social advancement
What Was the name of the process by which a Roman became Consul?
Cursus Anorum
What were the three positions ending in Consul?
quaestor, preator, consul.