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The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties


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During the Tang dynasty, China's population was about 60 million. During the Song, the farmers of China fed a country of more than 100 million people.
Agricultural advances, such as fast-ripening rice and the cultivation of more land, made food plentiful.
What is porcelain?
a thin, beautiful form of pottery
The Chinese invented of all of the following, except ________ .
the astrolabe
Increased farming in China during the Song Dynasty led to a food surplus and population increase.
A Chinese person was probably more likely to meet someone from another culture in a trading city.
The dragon backbone pump led to an increase in _______________.
all of the above
A valuable product developed during the Song dynasty
As the Chinese became expert farmers, rice was the most grown crop in the South.
The dragon backbone pump was invented during the Song dynasty. What does a dragon backbone pump do?
allows one man to scoop water from one place and dump it into an irrigation canal
Chinese merchants exported all of the following goods to foreign lands except
This instrument, which uses the earth's magnetic field to indicate direction, revolutionized travel.
What instrument, invented during the Tang dynasty, is described above?
The capital of the Tang dynasty and the largest city in the world at the time was
A fine type of pottery created during the Song Dynasty was made from_______ .
Woodblock printing allowed the Chinese to
copy and print texts or drawings very quickly and in large quantities.