Ch.24 Antiparkinsonism Agents

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Common side effects of anticholinergics include:
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A client is taking levodopa. What should the nurse caution the client to avoid?Vitamin B6A client who diagnosed with Parkinson's disease is being treated with levodopa/carbidopa. Which disorder will result in the discontinuation of this drug based on a disease-related contraindication?narrow-angle glaucomaA client diagnosed with Parkinson's disease has been prescribed rasagiline. When educating this client on this medication, which herbal supplement should be identified as having the potential to produce hyperpyrexia and death?St. John's wortA nurse has been invited to speak to a support group for Parkinson's disease clients and families. Which statement addresses the chronic nature of the disease and the relevant drug therapies?"Drugs do not cure these disorders; they instead enhance quality of life."A nurse is educating a client who has Parkinson's disease and family regarding possible adverse effects of carbidopa-levodopa. The nurse emphasizes which should be a closely monitored effect?involuntary movements.A 52-year-old male client is being treated for Parkinson's disease. The nurse is aware that Parkinson's disease results in several physical manifestations. What occurs in the neurons that causes these symptoms?There is an imbalance between dopamine and acetylcholine.A male client is diagnosed with chronic renal failure. He routinely takes amantadine for his Parkinson's disease with success. Why would his health care provider consider discontinuing the amantadine?With amantadine, excretion is primarily via the kidneys.A female client is prescribed centrally acting anticholinergics for her Parkinson's disease. Six weeks later, her daughter asks the health care provider to hospitalize the client for a psychiatric evaluation. The nurse anticipates that the provider will respond in what way to the daughter's request?Evaluate the client for adverse reactions from the centrally acting anticholinergicsWhen describing the action of levodopa, which would the nurse include?Acts like replacement therapyA client is to receive trihexyphenidyl as adjunctive treatment for Parkinson's disease. The nurse would expect to administer this drug by which route?Oral