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Physical Science

What is electricity?
the movement of charged atomic particles
What is a current?
Flowing electrons
What is a current measured by?
What makes stainless steel different than carbon steel?
stainless steel has chromium in it, which actually makes it magnetic.
what is a magnetic field?
the region where a magnetic force can be detected.
How does a compass work?
A compass is a magnet that is free to move in any direction. Since it is free to move the north pole of the compass will always point to the south magnetic pole and viceversa. We can not feel magnetic fields. Some birds and animals can.
What is the Aurora Borealis?
A display of lights produced when the charged particles of the solar wind hit the strong north or south magnetic fields of the earth. The force of the magnetic field in the south magnetic pole goes towards the earth. At the north magnetic field the forces direction is away from the earth. You will also see lights at the south pole.
what is the Coriolis effect?
The Coriolis Effect is the curvature of currents and winds because of the rotation of the earth. If you look at water draining on the northern hemisphere you will see that it swirls to the left while in the southern hemisphere it swirls to the right and at the equator it drains without swirling.
What speed are you rotating at if you are right on the center of the north pole?
0 km/day You have an angular speed.
What are magnetic domains?
The region in which the magnetic fields of atoms are grouped together and aligned.
If I cut a magnet into very tiny pieces can I just have north or south poles? Which one would it be?
No, you will always have north and south poles.
What is the aurora borealis or northern lights?
Aurora borealis is charged particles from the solar wind that get trapped in the magnetic field and travel to the poles.
Why do we tend to see aurora displays at the north and south poles?
There is a stronger magnetic force at the poles so the charged particles are more attracted to them.
Why can't we feel absolute speed?
We cannot feel absolute speed because we have no speed organs, or any part of our body that can feel speed. We only have 5 senses and speed sense isn't one of them.
10. The earth's magnetic field is important to us because it can protect us from ________ _______ and we also use it for ____________.
solar wind
Why does Carbon Steel rust and Stainless Steel does not rust?
Carbon steel rusts because iron oxide is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide. The chromium oxide present in stainless steel actually prevents further surface corrosion.
what is magnetism?
Magnetism is the force of attraction or repulsion of a magnetic material due to the arrangement of its atoms, particularly its electrons. Created by a movement of charges
What was the name of the first stone that was discovered to have magnetic properties?
What are domains?
Domains are groups of atoms that join so that their magnetic fields are all going in the same direction.
How do you break a magnet?
heat it or drop it
can you have a one poled magnet?
How can you increase the force of a magnetic field?
To increase the force of the magnetic field you increase the current in the wire or they increase the strength of the magnetic field.
Objects are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Whenever there is an imbalance in these the object has an _________ charge.
1 amp = ?
1 coulomb per second
In what metal electrons flow easily? Why?
Copper lets electrons flow really easily because it is a metal and it has only one electron in the last shell. It wants to loose it therefore it is a good conductor.
Protons and neutrons are relatively fixed in the nucleus of an atom. When we say that your hair is positively charged when you use your comb what is happening?
The friction moves electrons to the comb, so the comb has more electrons than protons, and is negative. Your hair looses electrons so it has more protons than electrons. This makes it positive. Al the positive charges in the hair repel each other and the hair wants to stay as far away from each other as it can so the hair sticks out in all directions.
How does a fuse and a circuit breaker work to prevent overloading of circuits?
Fuses melt when the currents exceeds their current rating, while circuit breakers break the connection when the current exceed the current rating. Circuit breakers can also be reset and reused.
Which of the following statements is true?
a. Electrical forces exist between any two neutral particles
b. Electrical forces exist between any 2 charged particles
c. Electrical forces exist between only particles with opposite charges
b. Electrical forces exist between any 2 charged particles
What happens to an object that is charged by induction?
a. It acquires excess electrons
b. It remains electrically neutral
c. It acquires a net charge from the object that is inducing the charge.
c. It acquires a net charge from the object that is inducing the charge.