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function of a root hair

absorption of water and minerals

structural feature of a root hair

hair shape provides an increased surface area

function of the phloem

transport of products of photosynthesis

structural feature of the phloem

cells have end wall pores allowing cytoplasm to connect

function of the xylem

transport of water and minerals, and support of plant

structural feature of the xylem

cells are dead, thickened with lignin and with no end walls or contents

function of the palisade mesophyll


structural feature of the palisade mesophyll

contain many chloroplasts

function of the skeletal muscle


structural feature of the skeletal muscle

contain many mitochondria to provide ATP for muscle contraction

function of the goblet cell in the trachea

secrete mucus to trap bacteria and other breathed-in particles

structural feature of the goblet cell in the trachea

contain many Golgi

function of the red blood cell

absorb oxygen from breathed-in air and release it to cells

structural feature of the red blood cell

disc-shaped with dimples in each side to provide and increased surface area

function of a phagocyte

engulf and digest invading bacteria

structural feature of a phagocyte

have many lysosomes containing digestive enzymes

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