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a public official authorized to decide questions bought before a court of law


an officer that keeps order in a court

civil trial

a trial involving a disagreement between two or more individuals

criminal trial

a trial to decide charges brought by the state against a person accused of violating a criminal law.

prosecuting attorney

The lawyer representing the state in a criminal trial


a lawyer

defense attorney

the lawyer representing the defendant


the decision reached at the end of a trial


people who have information that is helpful in a case


members on a trial jury who judge evidence and determine the verdict in a court case


discussion or careful consideration of an issue

opening statements

a brief outline of what the defendant and the plaintiff will try to prove.

closing arguments

It is a summary of the case presented in a way to convince the jury that his version of the story is correct.

cross examination

Questioning of a witness during a trial by the party opposed to the one who produced the witness.


The testimony of a witness made under oath but not in open court


when a lawyer from one side of the case feels evidence or testimony should not be allowed or questioning does not follow rules of the courtroom


an individual or group being sued or charged with a crime


to make a claim against somebody in court about something that they have said or done to harm you; bring a legal case against someone


to rule or decide against


admit as valid

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