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Animal Farm Character List

other pig leader along with Napoleon, comes up with Windmill Plan, good speaker, run off the farm by Napoleon's dogs
leader of Animal Farm, dictator-like, makes the animals believe everything he says is right, acts like a human
pig that works for Napoleon, spreads propaganda
cart horse, very strong, respected for his good character, Napoleon's most devote worker, says "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right", sent to the glue factory by Napoleon
foolish pretty white mare, leaves the farm to go to a different farm where she can get sugar and ribbons
cart horse, stout and motherly, realizes that something isn't right with Animal Farm
cynical old donkey, knows what's going on but doesn't care to do anything about it
Moses the Raven
Mr. Jones's pet, spy, tells the animals about Sugarcandy Mountain
Mr. Jones
Drunken farmer who owned Manor Farm
Mr. Frederick
neighboring farmer who owns the Pinchfield farm, mean and cunning, tries to make a lot of money through trade
Mr. Pilkington
neighboring farmer who owns the Foxwood farm, didn't pay much attention to the farm, just liked to fish and farm
Mr. Whymper
"middle man" who helped the pigs trade with the farmers, met with Napoleon
Old Major
prized wise old pig, spread/started the ideas of animalism, died
Bluebell & Jesse
dogs who gave birth to the puppies Napoleon trained
white literate goat
poet who wrote songs ad poems in Napoleon's honor
little pig that tested Napoleon's food for poison before he ate it