40 terms

Among the Hidden Test

Who was in Jen's playgroup when she was small?
All third children of government officials.
Why did Jen say the government passed the population law?
They wanted to have complete control over people.
What are the names of Luke's two older brothers?
Matthew and Mark
How did Luke learn to read?
His mother taught him at home.
What did Jen's father offer Luke?
A fake ID
What is hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a new idea for growing plants that Luke read about in one of the books Jen gave him.
Why were pets illegal?
They ate food that could be eaten by people.
What food did Luke get to eat that Jen rarely did?
What does Luke describe as pristine?
Jen's house
Why was the attic an important part of the story?
It was where Luke's room was and it didn't have any windows.
How old is Luke?
Where did Luke go when he became Lee Grant?
Hendricks School for Boys
What does Jen NOT enjoy doing with her mom?
Why were the trees being cut down?
So the government could build new houses.
Luke realizes he could be normal if what happened?
One of his brothers died.
What new food did Luke try at Jen's house?
Potato chips and soda
Why did Jen call her dad at work the day Luke first arrived at her house?
She wanted her dad to cancel the alarm to the security company.
How old is Jen?
Why did Jen take Luke's fingerprints?
To make sure he was safe to tell about the rally.
Why did Luke break into Jen's house, shut down her alarm, and use her computer?
He wanted to see if Jen had returned from the rally.
Why did Jen cut her arm on purpose?
To cover up Luke's blood on the carpet.
How do Jen and Luke spend their time together?
They bake, play board games and talk.
What does Luke call Jen's house before he meets Jen?
The Sports Family House
Early on in the story, where does Luke play outside with his brothers?
In the backyard before the trees were cut down.
Why can't Luke go near the windows?
The woods were sold and government workers would see him.
What did the Garner family have to sell?
Their hogs
Why did the taxes go up?
The new houses made the land worth more.
Who does Jen's father work for?
The Population Police
Where does Luke's mother work?
In a chicken factory
When did the problem of Luke's world begin?
About 20 years earlier
What did Luke like to play outside?
Football, kickball, or spud
How do Luke's brothers tease him?
They pretend to be the Population Police.
Where does Jen's dad tell Luke to hide?
In the closet
What word does Jen's dad use to describe the government?
Why does Luke decide to take the fake ID?
He wants to try to help other third children.
Why does Luke tear the screen when he first went to the Sports house?
He didn't expect the screen to be locked.
What signal do Jen and Luke use to communicate to one another?
They turn the outside light on and off.
What happened when Jen was out shopping with her mom?
Luke was trying to signal to her.
Why did Jen pin Luke to the floor?
Luke went into her house uninvited.
What did Jen sacrifice her life for?
To help free all of the hidden children.