13.1 models of the atom

26 terms by demenche

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The chemical properties of atoms, ions, and molecules are related to the arrangement of the... within them.


The first modern atomic theory, proposed by...portrayed the atom as a solid, indivisible mass.


After the discovery of the electron by..., the atomic model was revised to include them.


Thomson's model is referred to as the...model.

Raisin bun

Rutherford pictured the atom as a dense...surrounded by electrons.


In the Bohr model, the electrons move in...paths.


The... model is the modern description of the electrons in atoms.

Quantum mechanic

This model estimates the...of fining an electron within a certain volume of space surrounding the nucleus.


Electrons must have a certain minimum amount of energy called a quantum of energy, in order to move from one energy level to the next higher energy level.


The electron probability clouds for atomic orbitals are spherical in shape.


The number of sub levels in an energy level is equal to the square of the principle quantum number of that energy level


The maximum number of electrons that can occupy the fourth principle energy level of an atom is 32.


The higher the energy level occupied by an electron the more energetic it is.


The principle quantum number equals the number of sub levels within that energy level.


a region in space around the nucleus of an atom where an e- is likely to be moving

Energy level

the regions around the nucleus within which the electrons have the highest probability of being found

atomic orbitals

the amount of energy required to move an electron from its present energy level to the next higher one


the modern description of the behavior of electrons in atoms

quantum mechanical model

Proposed matter model of indestructible particles called atoms


Cathode ray tube (discovered e-s)


Gold foil experiment-atom mainly empty space + found nucleus


e-s in concentric circles, each orbit has a fixed energy which prevents the e-s from falling into the nucleus.


How many orbitals are in this sub level?


How many orbitals are in this sub level?


How many orbitals are in this sub level?


How many orbitals are in this sub level?


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