20 terms

AMH 2010 Chapter 2

Which was a reason that Europeans began sailing to other continents?
All of these.
All of the following were Portugal's contributions to the age of exploration, except:
Sponsoring Christopher Columbus's voyages.
Which of the following statements about Christopher Columbus is true?
He landed in the Bahamas, but thought he landed in Asia.
Which European arrived in the Americas first?
Leif Ericson
What was the Line of Demarcation?
The line that granted Central and South America to Spain, and Brazil to Portugal.
All of the following were features of Spanish colonization of the Americas, except:
Unanimous support for conquest from Spanish writers, such as Bartolomé de las Casas.
Why was Hernán Cortés able to conquer Mexico in 1521?
All of these.
Each of the following was an important, profitable colony in the Spanish empire, except:
Which was a result of Spanish Conquest?
The Columbian Exchange of livestock, crops, and diseases began
Which statement is true?
France colonized present-day Canada, but did not settle the area in great numbers.
Sir Walter Raleigh ________.
decided that English colonies should focus on building plantations.
How can we explain England's belated, but intense, interest in colonization?
All of these.
In which parts of the world did English joint stock companies carry out trade?
All of these.
Why do some historians call 1607 the first year of American history?
England founded the Jamestown colony in 1607.
What best explains the permanence of the Jamestown colony?
Tobacco's profitability attracted a steady stream of indentured servants from Great Britain.
Maryland was unique because ________.
All of these.
Why did a group of English Separatists sail to Plymouth in 1620?
They wanted to leave the Church of England altogether.
In what way were the Massachusetts colonies different from the Chesapeake colonies?
All of these.
Who fled the religious orthodoxy of the Massachusetts colony?
All of these.
Which statement about the Pequot War is true?
The English settlers essentially exterminated the Pequot tribe.