34 terms


white people can't dance
George Washington's teeth were made of wood
false analogy
people are like dogs. they respond best to clear discipline
false premises
if the streets are wet, it has rained recently. the streets are wet. therefore it has rained recently
circular reasoning
you can't give me a C. I'm and A student
either you're a Muslim who believes in terrorism or you're not a Muslim
think of the children! we can't send that single mother off to prison for embezzling the hospital funds
evidence of proof
this apple is red, therefore all apples are red
relative vs. absolute
it's cold outside!
misuse of statistics
when you drop the people who haven't found work in over a year, the unemployment rate is only 5%!
jumping to conclusions
Susan failed biology 101. Herman failed biology 101. Egbert failed biology 101. I therefore conclude that most students who take biology 101 will fail it
seatbelts are stupid
closed mindedness
I've never like pate in the past so I won't ever try it again
emotion vs. reason
I don't care what the tests say, my daughter is smarter than yours'
ignoring the point
eating fish is bad for our brain because the word fish sounds like foolish
non sequitur
Q: how many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: fish
red herring
I think there is a great merit in making the requirements stricter for the graduate students. I recommend that you support it too. after all, we are in a budget crisis and we do not want our salaries affected
straw man
you want to spend less on education. do you really want to cripple this country's fortune?
appeal to force
if you don't accept that the sun orbits the Earth, rather than the other way around, the you'll be excommunicated from the church
argumentum and consequetiam
humans will travel faster than light: faster-than-light travel would be beneficial for space travel
appeal to sentiment
what would your mother say if you argued from an appeal to sentiment?
ad hominem
you claim that this man is innocent, but you cannot be trusted since you are a criminal as well
argument from ignorance/silence
if there really were a large and unusual type of animal in Loch Ness, then we would have undeniable evidence of it by now
possibility of truth or falsity
oxygen treatments make grades go up
dissolving into truth or falsity
deliberate ignorance
the earth is flat
argumentum ad nauseam
Saddam Hussein was WMD in Iraq because in the last few months there are so many articles in different newspapers saying that he has them
begging the question
if such actions were not illegal, then they would not be prohibited by the law
all mammals bear live young, and milk to their babies, but the platypus lays eggs. therefore, the platypus is not a mammal
arguing in a circle
aristocracy is the best form of government because the best form of government if that which has strong aristocratic leadership
poisoning the well
before turning the floor over to my opponent, I ask you to remember that those who oppose my plans do not have the best wishes of the university at heart
arguing by redefinition
dad: we're here! this is our dream vacation in Disney world!
kids: this isn't Disney world. this is a Laundromat
dad: well... it's still our dream vacation
double blind
when did you stop beating your dog?
complex question
how can we save our country from the bureaucratic dictatorship, the corruption and the creeping socialism of the present administration? only one way: vote independent