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This is the first forty-three terms on the English exam for Mr. Loya's English courses.


When a story re-lives a previous moment, like a memory, a dream, or by simply revisiting

Flash Forward

When a story jumps forward in time

Sequential Time

When the events in a story occur in the same order they happened in

Time and Sequence

The way time works in a story, like: flashback, sequential(normal time); flash forward

Literal Meaning

When the words mean exactly what they say

Figurative Meaning

When the words mean something other than what they say


Dictionary definition of any word


Emotion of the word(usually positive or negative)


A storytelling


When two people are talking.

Dramatic Monologue

Dramatic speech in a play


Main Character in a story


The Villain (sometimes not a person)


Words spoken to God or to oneself in a story



Rising Action

events that make the story more exciting

Falling Action

events that solve leftover issues after the climax


the most exciting part of the story, usually solves the big problems in the story

Internal Conflict

When a Character is fighting against his/her hopes, fears, or ideas

External Conflict

When a Character is fighting against something other than his feelings or thoughts

Active Voice

When the subject of a sentence is the actor, and not being acted upon

Passive Voice

When the subject of a sentence is being acted upon

Main Clause

The main part of a sentence that contains a subject and a verb


Any group of words that contains a Subject and Verb


Any group of words that is missing either a Subject or a Verb

Plain Diction

Using common, ordinary words

Rich diction

Using unique words

Main Use of the Colon

To start a list

Main use of Semi-Colon

To separate long items in a list



Use of Ellipsis

Used when words go on and on. "My mother went on and on the whole night ..."


A conclusion about a group of things or people. For example, all people have legs


a play on words

Nonfiction means

any story that is true


a statement that seems true and un-true at the same time


when a nonhuman thing is talked about like it is human


extreme exaggeration


a character who is so different than another that he shows off that other character's uniqueness

Iambic Pentameter

Anything written with ten syllables per line



nonfiction genre

true stories

fiction genre

un-true stories, often short

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