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herbs 5 quiz 1

si wu tang herbs (4 substance decoction)
shu di huang, bai shao, dang gui, chuan xiong
si wu tang fx
for liver blood deficiency and blood stagnation
tao hong si wu tang fx
blood deficiency and stasis leading to insufficient menses
bu gan tang fx
for liver blood and yin deficiency
shao yao gan cao tang fx
for liver blood deficiency with calf/hand/abdomen spasms, irritability.
shao yao gan cao tang ingredients
bai shao, zhi gan cao
dang gui bu xue tang fx
for false heat (pale tongue, thirst for warm, flushed face), caused by consumptive deficiency, heat from deficiency of yin. without yin yang floats to superficial aspects of the body
ba zheng tang (eight treasure decoction)
for qi and blood deficiency
ba zhen tang ingredients
si jun zi tang + si wu tang
shi quan da bu wan (all inclusive great tonifying decoction) fx
qi and blood deficiency with more qi deficiency, internal cold (contributing to inability to create more blood), for wan complexion/fatigue/reduced appetite/dizziness/listlessness/dyspnea/palpitations
shi quan da bu wan herbs
4 gentlemen's + 4 substance + rou gui (warms and tonifies yang to generate qi and blood) + huang qi, sheng jiang, da zao
gui pi tang fx
for spleen qi and heart blood deficiency, caused by excessive thinking that damages heart and spleen
gui pi tang herbs
si jun zi tang + dang gui bu xue tang + suan zao ren + yuan zhi + long yan rou + mu xiang
zhi gan cao tang fx
strengthens qi, nourishes blood, enriches yin, restores pulse. for paitents who haveahad cold damage or who are recovering from a serious illness when they have had yin blood insufficiency
zhi gan cao tang herbs
zhi gan cao (strengthens heart and qi), ren shen, da zao (sp and heart), e jiao (nourishes heart and calms spirit), huo man ren (unblocks qi in chest & heart qi), gui zhi (works with Ren shen to unblock heart qi, important in treating palpitations)
liu wei di huang wan fx
enriches yin and nourishes kidneys (premiere formula)
liu wei di huang wan herbs
2 groups of three herbs, first group is supplementing: shu di huang, shan zhu yu (stabilize and bind) tonifies liv and kid yin and prevents leaking kidney essence, shan yao: nourishes lu, sp, and kid yin and essence. second group: draining~mu dan pi (cool blood and clears heat from deficiency by nourishing yin), ze xie (drain damp), fu ling
zhi bai di huang wan fx
treats irritability, hot flashes, dry mouth and tongue, urinary difficulty and low back pain. more for heat and deficiency fever.
qi ju di huang wan fx
brightens vision, treats dry eyes, tearing eyes by nourishing liver and kidney yin, also treats tinnitus, photosensitivity and swelling eyes.
qi ju di huang wan chief herbs
gou qi zi (tonify blood), ju hua (CARE)
zuo gui wan fx
very supplementing, treats lightheadedness, vertigo, tinnitus, sore lower back, spermatorrhea, night sweats, dry mouth and tongue, thirst with desire to drink, peeled tongue, rapid pulse
zuo gui wan difference from zuo gui yin
much more supplementing,
da bu yin wan fx
treats kidney yin deficiency with more heat signs: steaming bone disorder with afternoon tidal fever, night sweats, spontaneous emissions, irritability, sense of heat and pain in the knees and legs that is sometimes accompanied by weakness, red tongue w/little coat
da bu yin wan herbs
shu di huang, gui ban, zhi mu, huang bai
yi guan jian fx
treats hypochondriac/epigastric and chest pain, dry and parched mouth and throat, acid reflux, red and dry tongue, thin/frail/deficient/wiry pulse by enriching yin and spreading liver qi.
yi guan jian chief herb
gou qi zi: nourishes liver and kidney yin and clears heat
er zhi wan fx
nourish liver and kidney yin, greying, premature loss of hair, chronic bleeding from yin deficiency, weak low back/knees, dry mouth and throat, dizziness and blurry vision, insomnia and dream disturbed sleep, spermatorrhea
bai he gu jin tang (lily bulb decoction to preserve the metal) fx
treats lung and kidney yin deficiency to prevent kidney fire from flaring upwards and damaging the lung, dry cough with blood-streaked sputum b/c heat scorches the lung network vessels, hacking cough, sore throat, s/s of yin deficiency (irritability, vexation, dry throat, thirst, night sweats)
bai he gu jin tang chief herbs
bai he nourishes dryness in lungs and clears heat, sheng di huang nourishes yin/tonifies kidneys and cools blood to stop bleeding, shu di huang nourishes liv and kid yin.
Shen Qi Wan (Kidney qi pill) fx
1)tonifies and warms kidney yang, 2)dispels cold, 3)drains damp and water accumulation and promotes urination. In pill form so it can treat waning ming men fire long term. S/s: weak and sore low back and knees, tenderness or tense feeling in lower abdomen, cold feeling in lower half of body, importence, spermatorrhea, palpitations
shen qi wan herbs
chiefs: zhi fu zi (strongly promotes movement and warms chronic cold), gui zhi: warms the channels and promotes kidney metabolism of fluids. Deputies (3) Sheng Di huang, shan yao, shan zhu yu. 3 assistants draining: ze xie, mu dan pi, fu ling
You gui wan (Right kidney pill) fx
The right kidney is associated with yang, and this formula focuses on warming and tonifying kidney yang. tx exhaustion from long term illness, aversion to cold, coolness of the extremities, impotence, spermatorrhea, aching and weakness of lower back and knees, infertility, loose stools
zan yu dan fx
tx infertility
tu si zi wan fx
warms the kidneys and prevents abnormal leakage, exhaustion, aversion to cold, frail physique, low back pain, dizziness, weak lower extremities, frequent scanty urination with continuous dripping
Er Xian Tang fx
menopausal symptoms with hypertension, menstrual irregulrity, insomnia, palpitations, urinary frequency
Er Xian Tang chief herbs
yin yang huo (tonify yang), xian mao (tonify yang)