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  1. immaculate
  2. vainglory
  3. chauvinist
  4. bromide
  5. expound
  1. a (n.) excessive pride in and boastfulness about one's own accomplishments or qualities; a vain show or display
  2. b (adj.) extravagantly patriotic; blindly devoted to a cause; (n.) such a person
  3. c (adj.) spotless; without blemish or fault
  4. d (v.) to explain in detail
  5. e (n.) a trite or commonplace remark; a tiresome or boring person; a sedative

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  1. (adj.) shining or gleaming brilliantly; splendid or magnificent
  2. (n.) sourness or bitterness of taste; harshness or severity of manner or expression
  3. (n.) a curse; the act of cursing
  4. (adv.) in secret; confidentially; privately; (adj.) secretive
  5. (adj.) continuing over a long period of time or recurring often

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  1. volition(n.) the process of wearing down by friction or gradual impairment


  2. factionalism(n.) praise or approval; a ceremonial embrace or greeting


  3. protocol(n.) customs and regulations dealing with official behavior and etiquette, as in a court or among diplomats; a type of international agreement; a memorandum, official account, or record


  4. vestige(n.) a trace or visible evidence of something that once existed but now is lost or vanished


  5. mercurial(adj.) characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes of mood; fickle or inconstant