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Chapters 1-3 Tests

T/F: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 is the presentation program in Microsoft Office 2010

False; PowerPoint

T/F: The Excel program window has the same basic parts of all Office programs: the title bar, the Quick Access Toolbar, the Ribbon, Backstage View, and the status bar.


T/F: The cell in the worksheet in which you type data is called the open cell.

False; active cell

T/F: The Save As command saves an existing workbook on a disk, using its current name and save location.


T/F: If a cell is not wide enough to display all the cell's contents, extra text extends into the next cells if there is room.


T/F: The contents of the active cell always appear in the Formula Bar.


When Excel starts, the program window displays a blank workbook titled Book1, which includes ____ blank worksheets.


The name of each worksheet appears in the ______ at the bottom of the worksheet window.

Sheet tab

____ appear horizontally and are identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window.


____ of the worksheet appear vertically and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet.


The ____, or cell reference area located below the Ribbon, displays the cell reference of the active cell.

Name Box

The range is identified by its range reference, which is the cell in its upper-left corner and the cell in its lower-right corner, separated by a _____


Numbers that extend beyond a cell's width appears as _____ in the cell


If you want to see more cells in the work area, click the Zoom Out button or drag the Zoom slider to the ____ to decrease the zoom percentage.


If you try to close a workbook that contains changes that you haven't yet saved, . . .

a dialog box asks you whether or not you want to save the file

____ determines the best width for a column or height for a row.


You can also center cell contents across several columns. Select the cells, and then click the _____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Merge and Center

As you format cells,___ shows the results of the different formatting options you can choose.

Live Preview

A(n) _________ is an equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a worksheet.


A group of selected cells is a(n) ______


A ___ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.


When more than on arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic order of _____ that you use in algebra


When Excel follows the order of operations, the formula, 8*3+2, equals


Which of the following happens when you enter the formulater =G15 into a cell?

Excel assigns the value in cell G15 to the active cell

The adjusted cell references in a copied and pasted formula are called ____ references


A ____ cell in Excell has a numberical value of zero


The ___ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range.


You should ____ a function name in the Formula AutoComplete list to select the function.


The ___ function displays the highest value in a range


The ____ function determines the lowest number in a range


You can use the ____ to check which cells are referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell.

Range Finder

A ____ is a predefined set of colors, fonts, chart syles, cell styles, and fill effects.


The ____ displays the numbers with a fixed dollar sign to the left of the number, a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point, and displays numbers to the nearest cent.

Accounting Number Format

T/F: The equal sign (=) precedes a formula.


T/F: An asterisk (*) following a cell reference in a formula is the arithmetic operator that directs Excel to perform the division operation.


T/F: The arithmetic operator, ^, directs Excel to perform the division operation.


T/F: The Sum button menu allows you to enter one of five often-used functions easily into a cell.


T/F: The use of a fill color in a cell or range of cells sets off the cell or range from other portions of the worksheet and provides visual impact to draw the user's eye toward the cell or range.


T/F: When you click the Decrease Font Size button, Excel assigns the next highest font size in the Font Size gallery.


T/F: You can click the Format Cells Dialog Box Launcher to open the Format Cells dialog box.


T/F: You cannot format an entire column at once.


T/F: A floating dollar sign appearsimmediately to the left of the first digit in a dollar value with no spaces.


T/F: The Percent Style button instructs Excel to display a value as a percentage, determined by multiplying the cell entry by 100, rounding the result to the nearest percent, and adding a percent sign.


T/F: Formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets conditions that you specify is called conditional formatting.


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