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  1. mitochondria
  2. centrioles
  3. rough endoplasmic reticulum
  4. lysosomes
  5. cilia
  1. a makes energy for a cell in the form of ATP
  2. b short, microtubule projections cover some cells that assist in the movement of some cells
  3. c folded sacs of membranes that are where proteins and new membranes are made
  4. d pair of hollow cylinder clusters that helps to form the spindle fibers in a dividing animal cell
  5. e sacs that contain digestive enzymes used to break down ingested materials, secretions and wastes

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  1. stores and protects the cell's DNA, chromosomes; the control center of the cell
  2. thin, threads of DNA, visible when a cell is NOT dividing
  3. coiled up DNA visible during cell division
  4. makes proteins
  5. double membrane surrounding the nucleus that controls what enters and leaves the nucleus

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  1. smooth endoplasmic reticulumfolded sacs of membranes that are where proteins and new membranes are made


  2. cytoskeletonjelly-like soup, made of water and other chemical that is located between the cell membrane and nuclear membrane


  3. pseudopodstemporary extension of a cell's cytoplasm and plasma membrane; used for movement and feeding.


  4. cytoplasmpart of a cell that performs photosynthesis


  5. flagellaone or two long whip-like projections of some cells assist in the movement or locomotion of some cells like sperm cells


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