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7th Grade Texas History final 1

Texas Flags
spain, france, mexico, USA, the republic of Texas, confederate
1836 fighting to make Texas independent of Mexico
Texas independence
March 2, 1836 - Battle of San Jacinto
a political system in which the supreme power lies with the people
Galveston hurricane
september 8,1900, 6000 died
was a major oil discovery in 1901 near Beaumont that began the industrialization of Texas.
Texas Oil boom
Boosted the economy, lots of money, jobs. Period of dramatic changes and economic growth in u.s state and texas during early 20th century that began with discovery of large petroleum reserve near Beaumont, Texas
Industrial expansion - effects on population
More employment because of factories, more people move to texas
Pancho Villa
Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923) Did many good things, but killed a lot of people. Wanted to take money from the rich and give it to the poor.
People who campaigned for women's right to vote
right to vote
women could vote - 19th amendment, 1920
Young women who rebelled against traditional ways of thinking and acting in the 1920s
economy in the 1920s
good economy, recreation and vacations
product growth in the 1920s
automobiles, construction
Stock Market Crash
October 29, 1924 caused people to be left with huge debts; banks ran out of money and closed, people lost jobs; beginning of Great Depression.
In the Great Depression - shanty-towns that housed many who had lost everything. Shelters were built of old boxes and other discards.
Dust Bowl
western Kansas and Oklahoma, northern Texas, and eastern Colorado and New Mexico; long periods of drought and destructive farming methods ruined farming in the region
Dust Bowl: Effects/Impact on Texas
loss of life, cattle, food, crops, and homes
New Deal
The name of President Roosevelt's program for getting the United States out of the depression
How did the New Deal affect Texas
improved agriculture, more cotton, parks, schools, recreation centers,
oil boom effects
huge increase in population for beaumont and southeast texas
Houston becomes center of oil business
Other industries begin and grow to support oil production
industrial expansion
after oil discovery: LUMBER industry booms to provide for drilling equipment, houses, and stores
STEEL industries to make better plows for farms
Population effects from industrial expansion
SOUTHEAST TEXAS-tons of boomtowns looking for oil
HOUSTON grows because of railroads and - becomes leading city with businesses to support oil companies (banking, insurance, transportation)
DALLAS becomes major city for higher class (clothing stores, museums, art)
19th amendment
Women right to vote
18th amendment
Prohibition of Alcohol - prohibition from 1920-1933