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test questions


fossils found in the lowest geological strata

the galapagos islands

the place darwin visited on his trip around the world that had the greatest impact on his thinking was...?


According to darwin, natural selection is based on the ___________ found in populations. (Fill in the blank)


Which of the following evolve? A. Populations, B. Genera, C. Kingdoms, D. Phyla, or E. Individuals


new alleles arise by

Immigration, mutation, crossing over, sexual reproduction

New variations of genes in a population maybe produced by what? (four things)

The hardy-weinberg formula

this is useful in determining the extent to which a sexually reproducing population is evolving.


if the frequency of expression of a recessive trait in a population is 16 percent, the frequency of the recessive allele would be what percent?


if the frequency of a recessive allele is 36%, the frequency of the dominant allele would be what percent?

the homozygous recessive genotype at a given locus

in the hardy-weinberg equation, the term q^2 refers to the frequency of..?


if the frequency of the recessive allele is 30%, the frequency of the heterzygous carrier would be what percent?


in a population that is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of the recessive homozygous genotype is 0.49. The percentage of the population that is heterozygous is....?


mutations that neither harm nor help an organism are called...?

Directional selection

When the organisms on one extreme of the population have a better chance to survive than those on the other extreme

Stabilizing selection

when the extremes of the population have a lesser chance to survive

disruptive selection

what favors the extremes of a range of variation

the founder effect

the introduction of a small population onto an island that results in a limited gene pool for a population describes...?

the bottleneck effect

the sharp reduction of the gene pool and the numbers of a population through a severe epidemic is an example of...?


the study of major paterns, trends, and rates of change among the lineages is included in...?

analogous; convergence

the wings of a bird and the wings of a butterfly are _____ and show morphological ______. (fill in the blanks) (first blank: Homologous or analogous) (Second blank:convergence or divergence)

specific amino acids are dictated by known nucleotide sequences.

comparisons of protein similarity between species can reveal the degree of genetic kinship because...?

interbreeding capabilities

In the biological species concept of Ernst Mayr, what aspect of a population is critical to determining a species?

can mate and produce fertile offspring

two individuals are members of the same species if they...?


the 13-year and 17-year cicadas are isolated by...?


what occurs after populations become reproductively isolated and diverge?

a tree

scientists have traditionally drawn evolutionary diagrams in the form of...?

gradually during speciation

the gradual model of evolutionary change proposes that most morphlogcal change occurs...?


which of the following groups represents the most closely related organisms? (kingdoms, species, orders, genera, taxa)

archaebacteria and eubacteria

which two kingdoms are made up entirely by prokaryotic organisms?

the big bang

an event marking the beginning of the universe, one of the most popular scientific theorys

free oxygen

the primitive earth's atmosphere did not contain...?


who demonstrated the possibility of producing organic compounds?


the first organisms were most probably....? (autotrophic, multicellular, protozoans, prokaryotic)


four of the five answers listed below are components of the mixture used in miller's experiment. Select the exception (hydrogen, oxygen, methane, ammonia, water)

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