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List of new army pubs for 2015


The Army

ADP 1-02

Operational Terms and Military Symbols

ADP 2-0


ADP 3-0

Unified Land Operations

ADP 3-05

Special Operations

ADP 3-07


ADP 3-09


ADP 3-28

Defense Support of Civil Authorities

ADP 3-37


ADP 3-90

Offense and Defense

ADP 4-0


ADP 5-0

The Operations Process

ADP 6-0

Mission Command

ADP 6-22

Army Leadership

ADP 7-0

Training Units and Developing Leaders

FM 1-0

Human Resources Support

FM 1-04

Legal Support to the Operational Army

FM 1-05

Religious Support

FM 1-06

Financial Management Operations

FM 2-0

Intelligence Operations

FM 2-22.3

HUMINT Collector Operations

FM 3-01

Air and Missile Defense Operations

FM 3-04

Aviation Operations

FM 3-05

Army Special Operations

FM 3-07

Stability Operations

FM 3-09

Field Artillery Operations

FM 3-11

CBRN Operations

FM 3-13

Inform and Influence Activities

FM 3-14

Army Space Operations

FM 3-16

Multinational Operations

FM 3-22

Army Support to Security Cooperation

FM 3-24


FM 3-27

Army Global Ballistic Missile Defense Operations

FM 3-34

Engineer Operations

FM 3-38

Cyber Electromagnetic Activities

FM 3-39

Military Police Operations

FM 3-50

Personnel Recovery

FM 3-52

Airspace Control

FM 3-53

Military Information Support Operations

FM 3-55

Information Collection

FM 3-57

Civil Affairs

FM 3-61

Public Affairs Operations

FM 3-63

Detainee Operations

FM 3-81

Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

FM 3-90, VOL 1

Offense and Defense

FM 3-90, VOL 2

Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks

FM 3-94

Division, Corps, and Theater Operations

FM 3-95

Infantry Brigade Combat Team Operations

FM 3-96

Armored Brigade Combat Team Operations

FM 3-97

Stryker Brigade Combat Team Operations

FM 3-98

Reconnaissance and Security Operations

FM 3-99

Airborne and Air Assault Operations

FM 4-01


FM 4-02

Army Health System

FM 4-30

Ordnance Operations

FM 4-40

UNKNOWN, ERROR ON SITE, Number Published as of 20130207

FM 4-95

Logistics Operations

FM 5-02

Operational Environment

FM 6-0

Command and Staff Organization and Operations

FM 6-02

Signal Operations

FM 6-99

Report and Message Format

FM 7-15

Army Universal Task List

FM 7-22

Army Physical Readiness Training

FM 27-10

The Law of Land Warfare

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