Army Study Guide Doctrine/Pubs 2015 COMPLETE LIST

List of new army pubs for 2015
The Army
ADP 1-02
Operational Terms and Military Symbols
ADP 2-0
ADP 3-0
Unified Land Operations
ADP 3-05
Special Operations
ADP 3-07
ADP 3-09
ADP 3-28
Defense Support of Civil Authorities
ADP 3-37
ADP 3-90
Offense and Defense
ADP 4-0
ADP 5-0
The Operations Process
ADP 6-0
Mission Command
ADP 6-22
Army Leadership
ADP 7-0
Training Units and Developing Leaders
FM 1-0
Human Resources Support
FM 1-04
Legal Support to the Operational Army
FM 1-05
Religious Support
FM 1-06
Financial Management Operations
FM 2-0
Intelligence Operations
FM 2-22.3
HUMINT Collector Operations
FM 3-01
Air and Missile Defense Operations
FM 3-04
Aviation Operations
FM 3-05
Army Special Operations
FM 3-07
Stability Operations
FM 3-09
Field Artillery Operations
FM 3-11
CBRN Operations
FM 3-13
Inform and Influence Activities
FM 3-14
Army Space Operations
FM 3-16
Multinational Operations
FM 3-22
Army Support to Security Cooperation
FM 3-24
FM 3-27
Army Global Ballistic Missile Defense Operations
FM 3-34
Engineer Operations
FM 3-38
Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
FM 3-39
Military Police Operations
FM 3-50
Personnel Recovery
FM 3-52
Airspace Control
FM 3-53
Military Information Support Operations
FM 3-55
Information Collection
FM 3-57
Civil Affairs
FM 3-61
Public Affairs Operations
FM 3-63
Detainee Operations
FM 3-81
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
FM 3-90, VOL 1
Offense and Defense
FM 3-90, VOL 2
Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks
FM 3-94
Division, Corps, and Theater Operations
FM 3-95
Infantry Brigade Combat Team Operations
FM 3-96
Armored Brigade Combat Team Operations
FM 3-97
Stryker Brigade Combat Team Operations
FM 3-98
Reconnaissance and Security Operations
FM 3-99
Airborne and Air Assault Operations
FM 4-01
FM 4-02
Army Health System
FM 4-30
Ordnance Operations
FM 4-40
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FM 4-95
Logistics Operations
FM 5-02
Operational Environment
FM 6-0
Command and Staff Organization and Operations
FM 6-02
Signal Operations
FM 6-99
Report and Message Format
FM 7-15
Army Universal Task List
FM 7-22
Army Physical Readiness Training
FM 27-10
The Law of Land Warfare