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  1. Led by Hamilton; wanted a strong central government; greanted government jobs to constituents
  2. Stated that no american citizen could fight in the war
  3. Led by Jefferson; wanted a strong state government
  4. Written by Madison and Jefferson, respectively; state that the federal government was compact of sovereign states
  5. Hamilton's report; proposed that the nation be resposible for 2/3 of the total debt, and the states be responsible for the rest

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  1. Bank of the United StatesPayed for by wealth investors, which was bad because they could stop paying for it


  2. Election of 1796Jefferson's Republicans thought it obvious that the unpopularity of the Alien and Sedition Acts had brought voters to their party for this election


  3. Citizen GenetTried to persuade American support for France


  4. Whiskey RebellionThe tax on whiskey in order to pay off debt caused farmers refuse to pay it and beat up tax collectors in this


  5. Alien and Sedition ActsStated that no american citizen could fight in the war