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  1. Led by Hamilton; wanted a strong central government; greanted government jobs to constituents
  2. Written by Madison and Jefferson, respectively; state that the federal government was compact of sovereign states
  3. First election with political parties; John Adams won and became President and Thomas Jefferson became Vice President
  4. Payed for by wealth investors, which was bad because they could stop paying for it
  5. Stated that an immigrant could become a citizen after fourteen years in the country instead of five, and that the President could deport or jail undesirables

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  1. Neutrality ActCreated Supreme court with five justices and one chief justice


  2. Judiciary ActStated that no american citizen could fight in the war


  3. XYZ AffairThree French diplomats solicited a loan and bribe from American diplomats; Adams wanted to go to war saying they had dishonored America


  4. Report on Public CreditStated that production costs could be lowered through technological innovation and public policy


  5. Citizen GenetCreated Supreme court with five justices and one chief justice


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