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Nonprofit Governance by the Numbers

The minimum number of board directors required in Wisconsin law
The correct number of directors on a board
Whatever works for you (trick question)
The chapter of the state statutes governing Wisconsin nonprofits
181 known as the nonstock law
The minimum number of directors on a committee of the board
51% unless bylaws say differently
Common practice for board director terms
6 (2 sets of 3 years or 3 sets of 2 years)
The number of nonprofits in Wisconsin that file with the IRS
35,000 or so (according to the IRS)
% of votes required to pass a motion outside of a meeting
100% unless bylaws state otherwise
Bylaws can reduce the required votes to pass a motion outside of a board meeting to this level
The form nonprofits must submit to the IRS annually
Form 990
The IRS designation allowing donations to be deductible to the donor
The form used to apply for 501(c)(3) status
The minimum number of staff required by Wisconsin nonstock law
No such requirement exists (another trick question)