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History Final FDR

Public works projects
president hoover authorized spending on highways, parks, adn libraries
charities and churchs worked to provide aid for the needy called
new deal rogram the built dams to provide cheap electricity in the south
Eleanor Roevelt
FDR's eyes and ears
soap operas
daytime radio shows sponsered by laundry detergent earned this name
Dorothea Lange
the photographer who took famous photos of migrant workers
Social Security Act
provided monthly pensions for retired people
Roosevelt Recession
disaster that was reversed by gov't spending on public works
rural areas
areas harderst hit in the depression
"just around the corner"
president hoover belived the great depression was ""
Brain trust
to guide the nation to recovery FDR counted on the
project that helped farmers
new deal program designed to help business regulate itself
John Collier
head of the bureau of indian affairs and introduced the indian new deal
death of a failed system
what socialist and commies viewd the depression as
john steinbeck
popular radio comedian who had a variety show with gracie allen
court-packing plan
the unpopular action fdr did to keep the new deal from being undone
shanty towns during the great depression
new deal
early days of the roosevelt administration, laws passed during the hundred days
stock exchange
system for buying and selling shares
dust bowl
southern great plains disaster
Mary McLeod Bethune
member of the black cabinet
Huey Long
developed the share our wealth plan
on margin
buying stocks with loans
Civilian Conservation Corps
work relief program
regulates stocks and bonds
insures bank deposits