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What is the most probable date of the Trojan Horse?
1250 BC
Who created the Trojan Horse?
Epeius the craftsman who built it,
Odyseus came up with the plan for it
Where is the Trojan Horse located?
Unknown, probably modern day Turkey
What medium was used to build the Trojan Horse?
Pine Wood
What was the Trojan Horse used for?
The Trojan horse was supposed to be a huge wooden horse, hollow in the middle to sneak Greek soldiers into the city of Troy.
Who did the Greeks leave with the horse to explain to the Trojans that it was an offering to Athena?
Was the Trojan Horse real?
Until the 1870's we thought the city of Troy was a myth, so it is possible, but many scholars doubt it's existence
What started the Trojan War?
The Trojan prince Paris abducted Helen , wife of Menelaus of Sparta.
According to Homer how long did the Trojan War last?
10 years
Trojan Horse
Who created the Siren Vase?
The Siren painter
What is the date of the Siren Vase?
480 BC- 470 BC
Where is the Siren Vase located?
The British Museum
What Greek hero is depicted on the Siren Vase?
How tall is the Siren Vase?
13 and ¾" tall
What medium was used to create the Siren Vase?
Red figure pottery
In Greek Mythology Sirens were Woman mixed with what type of animal?
What would have been the original use for the Siren Vase?
To hold liquids
The vase was once in the collection of what famous leader's brother?
Napoleon Bonaparte
The Siren Vase
Who created Zeus of Artemision?
What is the date of Zeus of Artemision ?
460 BCE
Where is Zeus of Artemision located?
National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece
What medium was used to create Zeus of Artemision ?
What items may Zeus of Artemision be holding?
A trident or thunderbolt
In what year was the statue found?
Name another sculpture found in the same shipwreck.
Young Jockey with Horse
Why do some people believe that Zeus of Artemision is actually Poseidon?
He was found in the sea and Poseidon is sometimes depicted in the same stance.
Why do most scholars believe the statue is a depiction of Zeus?
Zeus is shown in the same stance in most statues and pottery of ancient Greece.
What is the date in which the Parthenon was built?
447 BC- 432 BC
Name the architects who built the Parthenon.
Iktinos and Kallikrates
Where is the Parthenon located?
Athens, Greece
What materials were used to build the Parthenon?
Limestone and marble
The Parthenon is a temple to which Goddess?
A replica of the original Parthenon can be seen im what US city?
Nashville, Tennessee
Who created the sculptures inside the Parthenon?
In the 5th century CE the Parthenon was converted into what?
A Christian Church
In 1640 the Parthenon was converted into what?
A Mosque
What is the date in which the Colosseum was built?
70 AD- 80 AD
Who created the Colosseum?
Vespasian, Titus
Where is the Colosseum located?
Rome, Italy
What materials were used to create the Colosseum?
Limestone, concrete, Tuff, and tile
Why was the Colosseum built?
As a gift to the Roman people
What is the official name for the Colosseum?
The Flavian Amphitheater
How long did the celebration for the opening of the Colosseum last?
100 days
What are the three types of columns used in the construction of the Colosseum?
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian
How many spectators could the Colosseum hold?
What is the date in which the The House of Vetti was built?
62 AD-79 AD
What artist created the House of Vetti?
Where is the House of Vetti located?
Pompeii, Italy
What materials were used to build The House of Vettii?
Stone and Fresco
The House of Vettii
What destroyed the city of Pompeii?
A volcanic eruption
What is the name of the mountain that erupted covering Pompeii?
Mount Vesuvius
Who owned the House of Vettii?
It was owned by two brothers Aulus Vettius Conviva and his brother, Aulus Vettius Restitutus
The two brothers were former _________________.
Who is Ixion in Roman mythology?
Ixion had tried to win the love of Hera, Zeus' wife. In order to stop this, Zeus formed a cloud, Nephele, to resemble Hera and by her Ixion became the father of centaurs. As a punishment for his crime, Zeus sent him to the underworld where he was punished by being fixed to a wheel that turned forever.