AP Psychology - Schools and Perspectives

28 terms by acfowler

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Wilhelm Wundt

"Father of Psychology"


ID the components of the mind

Edward Titchener



How the conscious mind helps the individual adapt to the environment

William James

Functionalism, "The Principles of Psychology"


study of observable behavior

John Watson


Gestalt Psychology

People think about and perceive wholes rather than simply combinations of separate elements

Max Wertheimer

Gestalt Psychology


Importance of unconscious causes of behavior

Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalysis, case studies, conversion hysteria, psychic determinism, childhood experiences


genetic, brain structure, neural, neurochemical, endocrine

Wilder Penfield

biological perspective, mapped the brain

Roger Sperry

biological perspective, discovered that the two hemispheres of the brain have different functions


learning, conditioned, rewarded/punished, observed, modeled, environment

B. F. Skinner

behavioral perspective, utopian society, "Walden Two"


thoughts, the way you think, how you frame your world

Jean Piaget

cognitive perspective, Theory of Cognitive Development


you choose to - free will, free choice, if it is to be, it is up to me


psychoanalytic, unconscious motivations, childhood experiences, Freud


psychodynamic perspective, introvert vs. extrovert, personality


psychodynamic perspective, we are inferior and try to be superior, inferiority complex

Freud and Klein

psychodynamic perspective, children and their experiences


psychodynamic perspective, play therapy


multicultural - global perspective v. whitey - anthropology studies


viewing other cultures using your own culture as the standard by which everyone else must live


adaptation, survival of the fittest - amalgam of bio and behaviorism


counselors who, when they treat people, don't stay dead set on one perspective

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