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terms about evaluation
Formative Assessment
a relatively informal assessment that takes place during the process of learning, as oppossed to at the end. The purpose is feedback, which helps the learning process. Testing as you go along.
Peer Assessment
Learners evaluatie each other's work, using pre-set guidelines
Performance Assessment
Assessment of performance on an oral or written task.
A reflective process in which learners evaluate their own work based on pre-set criteria
Summative Assessment
Formal testing or evaluation at the end of a learning period to measure what a student has learned. Testing at the end.
one on one sessions between learner and instructor. Learners assess their own standing in the class, using pre-set criteria and determine goals and expectations together with the instructor.
Criteria: guidelines: Benchmarks
Standards set in advance and shared with the learner that establish how a performance will be evaluated.
Daily or weekly writing entries by learners in which they reflect on their own learning experiences and progress.
Learning Logs
A written account in which learners keep track of their own English use, activities and progress throughout the term.
A systematic collection of a learner's work over a period of time. It demonstrates learner progress and is evaluated according to pre-set criteria.