70 terms

Physics review for MCAS

A _____________ is a quantity that has both a magnitude and a direction.
___________ is the rate that you travel a certain distance
______________ is the change in displacement divided by the change in time
The difference between speed and velocity is that ___________ just has magnitude, but ________________ has magnitude and direction
speed, velocity
__________ is the rate of change of your velocity
When slowing down, if your initial velocity is in one direction, your acceleration is in the ________________ direction.
The force of _____________ causes all things to accelerate toward the center of the Earth.
If you drop a pumpkin off the roof, after 2 seconds it is traveling at __________.
20 m/s
If you throw something straight up at 20 m/s, after 1 second it is traveling at ___________.
10 m/s
At the maximum height, the velocity of an object is _________ and the acceleration of the object is __________.
0 m/s, 10 m/s
__________. If you throw an object up, after one second it is moving more ____________, but if you throw an object down after one second it is moving more ___________.
slowly, quickly
The force of gravity is ALWAYS EQUAL TO ______________ (an equation).
If you have a 20 N object and a 5 N object, the 20N object will fall at a ______________ (greater, same, less ) rate than the 5 N object, and the force of gravity on the 20 N object is ___________ (greater, same, less than) than the force of gravity on the 5 N object
same, greater
If you have two objects and you double the mass of one of them, the force of gravity between them ___________
If you have two objects and you double the distance between them, the force of gravity between them __________.
An object's resistance to a change in its motion is called its __________.
The measure of an object's inertia is its ______________.
When there is no net force on an object, it is in _______________ .
Newton's Law of Inertia states that an object in motion _____________________________ and an object at rest _______________________ unless acted on by an outside force
stay in motion, stay at rest
If you are driving with a book on your front seat, and stop suddenly, the book ______________________ because ______________________
move folwards, beacuse of its inertia
If you move to the moon, your ____________ (mass,weight) will change.
Force is a _______________ (vector,scalar).
force is a vector
). If you are sliding a box at a constant velocity, then your push must be equal to ________________.
If you give a box a shove and let go, then the forces (there is friction) on the box are __________, ______________and ____________ .
friction, weight, normal force
If you add up all the forces on an object, you get the ________ force
If an object is in equilibrium, then the object is ____________ or ___________________.
still, at constant velocity
When a car hits a bug, the car hits the bug with a ___________ force than the force with which the bug hits the car
The car then accelerates _______________ the bug does
less than
. The reaction force to a child pushing on the wall is __________________________________________.
the wall pushing on the child
A small car can pull a big trailer because the ___________________________ force is greater than the force of the trailer pulling back on the car.
_____________________ is a force that resists motion or force, and it depends on the types of surfaces touching each other, and _________________.
friction, normal force
The stickier the surface is, the greater will be the coefficient of friction or _____.
Friction does NOT depend on _____________________ or _____________________.
speed surface area
For the same two surfaces, static friction is always _______________ kinetic friction.
greater than
If you push an object with a force of 10 N and it doesn't move, then the force of static friction is ___________.
Momentum is ___________________________
inertia of motion
To change an object's momentum, you exert an impulse on the object, which equals _____________
When you shoot a basketball, if you keep your hand on the basketball longer, you increase the time of the impulse and therefore the final momentum is ______________
. But when you are stopping an egg with a sheet, you increase the time of the impulse, but the impulse is the same, and therefore the force is _________________.
The law of conservation of momentum states that when there is no external force on a system, momentum _________________________.
stays constant
An inelastic collision is when after the collision the objects ______________________ and therefore have the same velocity.
stick together
An elastic collision is when after the collision the objects _________________________ and therefore have different velocities.
When a person is skating, and throws a snowball, this is called an __________________, and momentum is still _________________
recoil, concerved
. If a father and young son stand on frictionless ice, and the father pushes his son, then the momentum of the father afterward is _________ (greater than, less than, equal to) the momentum of the son, and the velocity of the father afterward is ___________ (greater than, less than, equal to) the son's velocity.
equal, less than
Work is equal to force times __________.
The ability to do work is called ____________ .
When you do work on an object, you change its _____________ energy.
True or false: All the energy of the world is slowly being used up
_____________ energy is the energy of motion.
______________ energy is the energy due to your height above the earth.
. If you drop a pencil, _________ energy then becomes ___________ energy.
potential, kenitic
On a rollercoaster, the ____________ energy is the greatest at the top, but the ____________ energy is greatest at the bottom.
potential, kenitic
Halfway down a rollercoaster hill, the potential energy _______ (is equal to, greater than, less than) the kinetic energy.
Power is _______________ .
work/ time
If two students with the same mass run up the same stair case, but student #1 runs up faster, they have done the same amount of _________ , and student #1 used __________ (more, less, the same) power than student #2.
work, more
When you turn on a hair dryer, ___________ energy becomes __________, ____________, and _______________ energy
electrical, heat, light, michanical
An object moving at a constant speed in a circle has ___________ (no, constant) acceleration.
An object sitting on the edge of a turntable has _______ (more, less, the same) speed as an object sitting closer to the center of the turntable.
The force that keeps a car turning around a corner, pushes the car in the direction _____________, and is called _____________ .
center, centriprtal
When a car takes a turn at maximum speed, if it hits a patch of ice, the car then travels is the direction ______________ .
Temperature is a measure of ________________________________
average kenitic energy
Internal energy is a measure of _____________________ .
When there is no energy flowing between different materials, it is at ________________________ .
Copper is good conductor of heat because ________________________________ .
of free electrons
You feel comfortable in a 70 degree room, even though your body is at a higher temperature, because air is a good ______________ (conductor, insulator).
____________________ of a material which affects how easy it is to change its temperature is analogous to the inertia which is a measure of easy it is to change its motion
specific heat
. Heat always flows from a __________ object to a _____________ object.
hot, cold
Some materials take more energy to heat up, and thus have a greater ___________________ .
spacific heat
Because water has a ___________ heat capacity than air, wind blows from the __________ (ocean/land) to the ____________ (ocean/land) in the summer.
higher, land, ocean
If aluminum has a higher specific heat than copper, then if you heat a gram of each to 100 degrees, and put them each into 1 liter of water at 20 degrees , then the water with the ___________ in it will end up with a higher temperature in the end.