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  1. receiver
  2. quia timet
  3. treasury stock
  4. aliquot
  5. purge
  1. a fractional share
  2. b to clear oneself of a criminal charge or a debt
  3. c court appointed individual who tries to: 1) save the corporation by putting it back on its feet; 2) if it's too far gone, he will dissolve it
  4. d "because he fears"; a bill filed in equity court asking for an injunction
  5. e owned by the corporation in its own name; almost a reserve fund

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  1. cancel, abrogate, annul
  2. person who has the idea for the corporation, gets the money raised to make it happen
  3. the release of a prisoner upon certain conditions
  4. fully attended
  5. as much as he has earned; as much as he deserves

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  1. foreign corporationsrelative term; a corporation doing business in the United States that was formed outside of the United States


  2. relatorto send back a cause of action to the same court out of which it came for further action; to recommit a person to prison


  3. receiveran addition which is attached at a later time to a large document


  4. paterfamiliasthe release of a prisoner upon certain conditions


  5. quashto cancel, annel, put down