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  1. peremptory
  2. recusation
  3. board of directors
  4. capital stock
  5. redress
  1. a the process by which a judge is disqualified or disqualifies himself from hearing a lawsuit because of a conflict of interest
  2. b Group elected by the stockholders to set policy for a corporation and to appoint its officers.
  3. c reparation of a wrong, remedy
  4. d basic funds used to start the business
  5. e final, decisive

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  1. on behalf of; without charge
  2. relative term; a corporation formed in California doing business in Nevada would be considered a foreign corporation by Nevada
  3. an obligation entered before the court to do some particular act, an obligation to appear in court
  4. substitute for a dividend; something other than a monetary award
  5. pertaining to money

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  1. estoppel in paisa situation where the aggrieved party between each other and other the agreement some kind of transfer of possession of property is stimulated.


  2. eleemosynary corporationrelative term; a corporation doing business in the United States that was formed outside of the United States


  3. perjuryin and of itself


  4. quantum meruitas much as the goods were worth


  5. quia timeta grant by the government giving exclusive rights to an inventor; open, obvious