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  1. posthumous
  2. articles of incorporation
  3. petit jury
  4. pro rata
  5. plat
  1. a according to some rate
  2. b after death
  3. c trial jury
  4. d submitted to the secretary of state; document that set out the purpose of the corporation, its number of shares and shareholders, by-laws, corporation structure, type of stock, etc. Life of the corporation begins with its filing.
  5. e a small parcel of land, a map, or chart

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  1. to offer
  2. when a corporation goes out of business
  3. in and of itself
  4. as much as the goods were worth
  5. a petition to the court

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  1. prima faciepresumed to be true; on the face of it


  2. cumulative preferred stockPreferred stock in which unpaid dividends accumulate from year to year


  3. percipientan accusation handed down by a grand jury after an investigation conducted on its own initiative; the request made for payment of a note


  4. pro formaas a matter of form


  5. proprio vigoretemporarily


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