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  1. peremptory
  2. partnership
  3. relator
  4. pro bono publico
  5. parole
  1. a on behalf of; without charge
  2. b informer
  3. c business run by two or more people
  4. d the release of a prisoner upon certain conditions
  5. e final, decisive

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  1. perceiving; a percipient witness is an eyewitness
  2. as a matter of form
  3. beyond the legal power or authority of a person or official or body etc
  4. a business owned by a person who is not incorporated; owner assumes full personal liability
  5. after death

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  1. rescission(law) the act of rescinding


  2. putativea grant by the government giving exclusive rights to an inventor; open, obvious


  3. pro temporetemporarily


  4. quantum meruitas much as he has earned; as much as he deserves


  5. prayerwhen someone stands in to represent someone else in a vote or at a meeting