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  1. shareholders
  2. prerogative
  3. parameter
  4. pari passu
  5. cumulative preferred stock
  1. a Preferred stock in which unpaid dividends accumulate from year to year
  2. b in equal step; without preference
  3. c an arbitrary limit
  4. d aka stockholders; they are part owners
  5. e the right to exercise an authority

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  1. a grant by the government giving exclusive rights to an inventor; open, obvious
  2. A form of business ownership in which the owners are liable only up to the amount of their individual investments.
  3. corporations are required to hold meetings every year
  4. a corporation existing in fact and in good faith which has made an effort to comply with state law, but has failed to meet one or more of the requirements of the law.
  5. an obligation entered before the court to do some particular act, an obligation to appear in court

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  1. by-lawsrules and regulations that govern internal workings of the corporation. Sort of like laws that govern a city.


  2. perpetuityforever


  3. proxyby word of mouth, oral


  4. scripsubstitute for a dividend; something other than a monetary award


  5. rideran addition which is attached at a later time to a large document


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