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  1. scrip
  2. residuary
  3. patent
  4. quia timet
  5. petit jury
  1. a trial jury
  2. b a grant by the government giving exclusive rights to an inventor; open, obvious
  3. c substitute for a dividend; something other than a monetary award
  4. d "because he fears"; a bill filed in equity court asking for an injunction
  5. e pertaining to that which is left over

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  1. a proceeding by which the owner of goods recovers possession of personal property which is illegally held by another
  2. cancel, abrogate, annul
  3. relative term; a corporation doing business in the United States that was formed outside of the United States
  4. called artificial person under the law "legal entity"; a business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts
  5. a petition to the court

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  1. board of directorsin equal fault; guilty to the same extent


  2. treasury stock"things done"; this rule allows spontaneous remarks to be admitted into evidence although they would normally be considered hearsay


  3. pecuniarylying under oath


  4. referenduma procedure for putting a measure to the direct vote of the people; a plebiscite


  5. posthumoustemporarily