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  1. de facto corporation
  2. pro tanto
  3. referendum
  4. pro rata
  5. estoppel in pais
  1. a a situation where the aggrieved party between each other and other the agreement some kind of transfer of possession of property is stimulated.
  2. b according to some rate
  3. c as far as it goes
  4. d a corporation existing in fact and in good faith which has made an effort to comply with state law, but has failed to meet one or more of the requirements of the law.
  5. e a procedure for putting a measure to the direct vote of the people; a plebiscite

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  1. after death
  2. person who has the idea for the corporation, gets the money raised to make it happen
  3. also known as reorganization bankruptcy, the most complex bankruptcy filing and the one that most troubled businesses file, the debtor continues to function, maintains ownership of all assets, and tries to work out a reorganization plan to pay off creditors.
  4. "which see"; a direction to the reader to look elsewhere (abbreviated q.v.)
  5. "a thing decided"; final judgment by a court is conclusive and serves as a bar to further action involving the same claim

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  1. chapter 13The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code providing for adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income, often referred to as a "wage-earner" plan. Chapter 13 allows a debtor to keep property and use his or her disposable income to pay debts over time, usually three to five years.


  2. capital stockwhat's available to sell to investors, value fluctuates with company's prospects


  3. public corporationrelative term; a corporation doing business in the United States that was formed outside of the United States


  4. sole proprietora business owned by a person who is not incorporated; owner assumes full personal liability


  5. rescissionthe process by which a judge is disqualified or disqualifies himself from hearing a lawsuit because of a conflict of interest