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  1. particeps criminis
  2. cumulative preferred stock
  3. redress
  4. postmortem
  5. res gestae
  1. a reparation of a wrong, remedy
  2. b after death; an examination of the circumstances surrounding a person's death or the body. Different from autopsy which is a physical dissection.
  3. c Preferred stock in which unpaid dividends accumulate from year to year
  4. d "things done"; this rule allows spontaneous remarks to be admitted into evidence although they would normally be considered hearsay
  5. e partner in crime; an accomplice

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  1. what's available to sell to investors, value fluctuates with company's prospects
  2. thing, subject matter
  3. usually formed for political purposes or to serve the public sector in some way. Examples would be LA Unified School District and the LADWP
  4. "a thing decided"; final judgment by a court is conclusive and serves as a bar to further action involving the same claim
  5. perceiving; a percipient witness is an eyewitness

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  1. quantum meruitas much as the goods were worth


  2. prima faciepresumed to be true; on the face of it


  3. presentmenta grant by the government giving exclusive rights to an inventor; open, obvious


  4. pari passunominal value - face value of a stock


  5. recidivista disinterested person appointed by the court to received and preserve property