AASM Board Review - Lecture 5 Circadian Rhythm

Effects of circadian rhythms on growth hormone?
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A - symptoms: all of the following
- advance in major sleep episode relative to desired / required sleep wake times leads to early evening sleepiness and waking earlier than desired
- symptoms present for 3 or more months
- improved sleep quality and longer sleep duration when patients sleep ad libitum at their naturally advanced sleep wake schedule

B - assessment:
- sleep log and actigraphy for 7 or more days shows stable advanced habitual sleep period
ICSD 3 - A + B + C

A. Symptoms: insomnia or EDS or both

B. Disruption of sleep-wake rhythm
- recurrent or persistent misalignment between the desired or imposed sleep schedule and the circadian sleep-wake rhythm or by a disorder of the endogenous circadian system

C. Associated features
- distress or impaired functioning