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  1. Berlin Crisis
  2. March between Selma and Montgomery
  3. Women's roles during WWII
  4. Operation Mongoose
  5. Bataan Death March
  1. a Standoff between Khrushchev and Kennedy over control of West Germany. West Germany stays under western control, but Khrushchev builds the Berlin Wall as a result. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  2. b A series of attempts to assassinate Castro (including exploding cigars hahaha); all attempts failed. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  3. c Peaceful protestors were attacked with clubs, tear gas, dogs, etc. The violence of the movement came to national attention.
  4. d Was the relocation of Allied POWs to prison camps in the Philippines.
  5. e They went to work, joined the army and navy, acted as nurses, but they did not do any actual fighting, fly planes, etc.

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  1. Created Japanese concentration camps. Japanese Americans were interned because many saw the Japanese as faithful to their native culture and therefore, a security threat to the United States.
  2. Many draft boards were clearly racist, leading to more minorities fighting and dying in Vietnam than their actual population proportion. Also, those drafted were disproportionately poor and working class. Most of those drafted did not have the right to vote (the voting age was 21). Finally college students received draft deferments.
  3. Under this president direct combat in Vietnam began
  4. Physical and psychological abuse, continued violence, and the failure of the federal government to enforce laws, led to disillusionment with Martin Luther King Jr.'s idea of nonviolent resistance. Stokley Carmichael coined the phrase to embody this growing feeling among civil rights activists.
  5. A statement in Truman's speech to Congress, the Soviets/communism weren't mentioned but he did have them in mind.

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  1. KhrushchevLed Russia during Kennedy's presidency


  2. Where the United States initially started fighting in WWIIGermany's invasion of Poland (POOOOOOOLANNNNDDDD!) in 1939.


  3. The state of Europe before the US entered WWII. (What countries were allies? What countries were occupied? What countries were actively fighting?)By the time the US entered the war, Britain was the only country actively fighting the war in Europe. France, Poland, Austria, and others were occupied and under Axis control. Italy and Japan were allied with Germany to make up the Axis powers. (By the time the US entered, Germany had already invaded Russia and Russia had (obviously) decided that it no longer wanted to side with Germany.


  4. advertising industry in the 1950'sElla Baker. The organization was comprised of students who advocated interracial cooperation and engaged in voter registration and non-violent direct resistance at a grassroots level.


  5. The WeathermenLed Russia during Kennedy's presidency