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  1. Results of the Vietnam War
  2. Okies and Hobos
  3. All had members who became frustrated with nonviolent resistance and decided to turn to violence.
  4. Led to the declaration of war against Germany in WWII
  5. Isolationism/neutrality
  1. a America's policy toward entering WWII before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
  2. b Germany's invasion of Poland (POOOOOOOLANNNNDDDD!) in 1939.
  3. c Communism spread throughout Vietnam soon after the United States pulled out when the North Vietnamese government overran the South Vietnamese government.
  4. d Similarities between Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the Brown Berets
  5. e Are terms for migratory workers or homeless vagabonds who are often penniless.

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  1. Kennedy successfully quarantines Cuba when the Soviet Union attempts to arm Cuba with nuclear missiles (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  2. They revealed that the government had frequently misled the American people about the course of the war. Turned public opinion against Vietnam.
  3. Though Ho Chi Minh asked the United States for support, the United States was hesitant because Ho Chi Minh had communist leanings, allying Ho Chi Minh would mean the United States was Allied against the French, and finally the Vietminh in South Vietnam were very violent and murderous.
  4. Lawsuit brought in 1896 after African American Homer Plessey was denied a seat in a first-class rail way car. Established the legal precedent of separate but equal.
  5. Were Vietnamese Communists in South Vietnam who fought the Americans during the Vietnam war.

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  1. KhrushchevAlliance of church-based African American organizations formed in 1957 that was dedicated to ending discrimination. It was founded by MLK.


  2. Black nationalismDisastrous Cuban invasion in an attempt to overthrow Castro because Castro was communist, meaning that communism had sprung up 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Too close for comfort. Kennedy had his panties all in a twist about this. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)


  3. US and the USSR during the Cold warThey competed technologically (arms race, space race), they spied on each other, there are economic and diplomatic clashes, but there is never a direct fight between Soviet and American forces.


  4. Problems with Rock and RollNegatively influences youth, muddles language, controversial, rebel, sexual, supports INTEGRATION (not segregation)


  5. Wagner ActThe theory that if the government reduced taxes and limited the regulations placed on businesses, the wealth would "trickle down" in the form of new jobs and opportunities.