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  1. US was hesitant to support Ho Chi Minh because
  2. Pentagon Papers, the My Lai Massacre, the killings at Kent State and Jackson State
  3. Joseph McCarthy
  4. Problems with Rock and Roll
  5. War Powers Act (What did it respond to?)
  1. a Negatively influences youth, muddles language, controversial, rebel, sexual, supports INTEGRATION (not segregation)
  2. b Though Ho Chi Minh asked the United States for support, the United States was hesitant because Ho Chi Minh had communist leanings, allying Ho Chi Minh would mean the United States was Allied against the French, and finally the Vietminh in South Vietnam were very violent and murderous.
  3. c They revealed that the government had frequently misled the American people about the course of the war. Turned public opinion against Vietnam.
  4. d He attempted to gain national attention and bolster his own political career by initiating communist witch hunts within the US government.
  5. e Rescinded the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that had given Johnson the ability to fight a war without having Congress declare war. Vietnam had been fought as an undeclared war.

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  1. Richard Nixon and the Committee to Re-Elect the President attempted to spy on and sabotage the Democratic National Committee by using wire tapping at their offices in the Watergate Hotel and Office Building. As a result, Nixon resigned as members of congress called for his impeachment.
  2. A policy embraced by Richard Nixon,was foreign policy theory that practical politics and the needs of the country should trump idealism, democracy, and human rights.
  3. Foreign policy during the Cold War aiming to stop the spread of communism (domino effect) through economic aid, diplomacy, war, and covert war.
  4. Was a series of student strikes, protests, pride in ethnic heritage, and efforts to better empower Mexican Americans politically and economically.
  5. Alliance of church-based African American organizations formed in 1957 that was dedicated to ending discrimination. It was founded by MLK.

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  1. Results of the Tet OffensiveWWII and the massive increase in production it caused


  2. All had members who became frustrated with nonviolent resistance and decided to turn to violence.Similarities between Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the Brown Berets


  3. Korean WarWas the US attempt to contain communism. North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (not communist). The US came to South Korea's aid. The war ended in a stalemate (no victor). Korea remained divided at the 38th parallel; North Korea remained communist and South Korea remained democratic.


  4. KennedyThe amphibious invasion of the beaches of Normandy commanded by Dwight D. Eisenhower. This invasion was the first step in the Allied plan to liberate Europe.


  5. Isolationism/neutralityA series of attempts to assassinate Castro (including exploding cigars hahaha); all attempts failed. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)