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  1. Stories passed down through generations by word of mouth.
  2. To go to heaven.
  3. individual letters and marks that can be arranged and rearranged quickly
  4. a society with cities, a central government, job specialization, and social classes
  5. The term used to describe Luther's break with the Church and the movement it inspired.
  6. A group or class, that is made up of people with similar backrounds, income and ways of living

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  1. historythe written and other recorded events of people


  2. humanisman interest in the classics


  3. RenaissanceThe forgiveness of the punishment due for past sins, granted by the Catholic Church authorities as a reward for a pious act. Martin Luther's protest against the sale of indulgences is often seen as touching off the Protestant Reformation.


  4. irrigationwatering dry land by using ditches, pipes, or strea


  5. fertilerich in material needed to grow healthy plants