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land use conflict
differences among many groups about how BEST to use an area of land
sustainable development
using resources in ways that meet the needs of people today without using them up for future generations
relief agencies
organizations that provide aid for people in need, especially right after a natural disaster (ex: rescue, food, shelter, medical aid)
extreme weather
powerful, dramatic weather that can cause a natural disaster (ex: tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes)
tropical cyclone
a storm that builds strength from warm, moist air, picking up speeds of 74-200 mph is known as a hurricane or a _______________________
storm surge
a wall of water that is pushed ashore by a hurricane; the most damaging part of the storm
El Nino
a warm ocean current that flows off the west coast of South America and causes weather pattern changes across the globe
this island-country struggles to recover from natural disasters because of widespread poverty, poor infrastructure (roads, building materials), & a weak government
to move FROM a country
to move TO a new country
migration stream
the constant flow of migrants from one country to another
pull factor
something than encourages people to move to a new place (ex: economic opportunity, safety, freedom)
push factor
something that encourages people to leave a place behind (ex: war, persecution, poverty)
someone who seeks safety from war or political unrest by going to another country
money that is sent out of a country to help support family members still living in their home country
brain drain
a country that suffers when its most talented, skilled people leave for better jobs in other countries
brain gain
people who leave to go to school or work in a developed country to later return home with new skills
splintered families
male family members often migrate ahead of their family to find work and a place to live; this has led to __________________ _________________
economic impacts
new businesses, additional tax money, skills and labor are significant ways immigrants help the economy in the U.S.
political unrest
examples of this include warfare, limited freedoms, and government sponsored persecution
cultural diversity
a variety of ethnic groups and their culture traits (food, holidays, religions) in a society
urban sprawl
the rapid spread of development from an urban area outward into rural areas
a developed area at the edge of a city that is mainly homes; it is within a close distance for city commuters
rural fringe
the small towns, farms, and open spaces that lie just beyond a city's suburbs
urban core
the older part of the city that serves as the downtown or central business district of a city
metropolitan area
a major population center made up of a large city and the smaller suburbs & towns that surround it
developed countries
a wealthy country with an advanced economy that provides for a comfortable way of life
developing countries
a poorer country with a less developed economy working to increase its industries and improve quality of life
the purchase and use of goods and services
gross domestic product
the total value of goods and services produced in a country in a single year
per capita
means "per person," and is found by dividing the amount by the number of people
consumer class
this group of consumers is made up of people who earn at least $7,000 a year; 75% of people in developed countries belong in this group
the average adult needs to consume __________________ calories per day to live a healthy life
this is the biggest reason people in the world go hungry; farmers CAN grow enough food but too many people can't afford to buy the food need
rural decline
worsening economic conditions in the countryside (i.e. poverty, unemployment) drives people to cities
spatial inequality
unequal distribution of wealth or resources in an area; large gap between rich and poor
standard of living
overall level of comfort and well-being; looks at money, education, life expectancy, etc.
movement of people from rural to urban areas, resulting in the growth of cities
the group of people with a higher standard of living, owning large homes or estates, and having good jobs
the group of people with a lower standard of living who live in slums or rundown apartments and struggle to find work
crowded cities like Mexico City struggle with air pollution that leave a thick haze in the air, harming people's health
this ancient Aztec city that was built on top of Lake Texcoco is the home of modern-day Mexico city
rainforests play a significant role in the ________________________ cycle and have been nicknamed the "lungs of the earth"
the variety of plants and animals living in one area
removing or clearing away trees from a forest; the lumber is sold and the land is often used for farming or ranching
a type of traveling that attracts people who want to explore different types of ecosystems (ex. tropical rainforests, African prairie wildlife)

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