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  1. adherent
  2. bondage
  3. malign
  4. proliferate
  5. jeer
  1. a (n) a follower, supporter; (adj) attached, sticking to
  2. b (v.) to speak evil of, slander; (adj.) evil
  3. c to make fun of rudely or unkindly; a rude remark of derision
  4. d to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly
  5. e (n) slavery; any state of being bound or held down

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  1. to conquer by force, bring under complete control
  2. to mislead by trick, deceive
  3. to talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way; to babble; baby talk; babble
  4. (n) a likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition
  5. (adj.) thoughtful; melancholy

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  1. Venture(n.) a risky or daring undertaking; (v.) to expose to danger; to dare


  2. Institute(v.) to establish, set up; (n.) an organization for the promotion of learning


  3. Incinerate(v.) to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size


  4. Precipice(adj) commonplace; overused, stale


  5. interimhidden, present but not realized