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  1. Efface
  2. Sparse
  3. accomplice
  4. Revile
  5. brazen
  1. a made of brass; shameless, impudent
  2. b to attack with words, call bad names
  3. c a person who takes part in a crime
  4. d to wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed
  5. e meager, scant; scattered

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  1. (v.) to wander about, wind about; (n.) a sharp turn or twist
  2. (n) an extremely poor person
  3. a very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster
  4. a lack of government and law; confusion
  5. a difficlut or perplexing situation or problem

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  1. adjourn(v) to seize and hold a position by force or without right


  2. taunta deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense; to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of


  3. abridge(v) to make shorter


  4. Daunthidden, present but not realized


  5. Rectifya very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster