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  1. Precipice
  2. Cumbersome
  3. tenacious
  4. succumb
  5. advent
  1. a a very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster
  2. b to give way to superior force, yield
  3. c (n.) an arrival; a coming into place or view
  4. d (adj) holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
  5. e clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving

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  1. to make up for; to repay for services
  2. a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense; to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of
  3. (n.) the time between; (adj.) temporary, coming between two points in time
  4. (v.) to absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own; to adapt fully
  5. to free of tangles or complications

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  1. diligentbending readily; easily influenced


  2. pauper(v.) to wander about, wind about; (n.) a sharp turn or twist


  3. irate(adj) commonplace; overused, stale


  4. Dilateto make larger or wider; to expand upon


  5. arbitrary(adj) commonplace; overused, stale