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  1. Circumspect
  2. Dross
  3. hamper
  4. alien
  5. altercation
  1. a refuse, waste products
  2. b (n) an angry argument
  3. c (v) to hold back
  4. d careful, cautious
  5. e a citizen of another country; foreign, strange

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  1. (v) to jeer at, mock; (n) an insulting or mocking remark
  2. (v) to make up for
  3. a difficlut or perplexing situation or problem
  4. (adj.) angry and bad-tempered; rude
  5. the process of driving or forcing out

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  1. tenaciousquarrelsome, fond of fighting


  2. prim(adj) commonplace; overused, stale


  3. Dauntto overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten, discourage


  4. exorbitantgiven to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause


  5. illegibledifficult or impossible to read