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Biol 1090 (Chapters 1,2,3) Test

Which organelle performs photosynthesis
Which organelle peforms cellular respiration
Enzymes are:
Which term best describes the sugar in a sugar-water solution?
Which of the following are found in the nucleus of an atom?
Neutrons and Protons
Sunlight is required for the synthesis of
Vitamin D
Activation energy is similar to the "push" needed to start rolling a stalled car down a hill. How do enzymes fit into this analogy?
Enzymes decrease the effort that's needed to start the car moving
When molecules or atoms move down a concentration gradient across cell membranes, it's called
Passive transport
Which pH represents an equal number of H+ and OH-ions?
Polysaccharides are polymers of
Which organelle is a stack of membranous sacs that are involved in sorting proteins to their proper cellular location?
Golgi apparatus
Because the electrons in a water molecule are shared unequally between hydrogen and oxygen, water is said to be
If an inductively reasoned hypothesis makes sense, based on all available and historical observations, then
the hypothesis might be false
Model organisms are used to test hypotheses
that are potentially too dangerous to perform on human subjects
The proteins that catalyze chemcial reactions in the body are called
Eating disorders in which the body is starved of calories are dangerous because
bone density can decrease, resulting in osteoporosis
The reactions of cellular respiration occur in the
matrix of the mitochondria
Protons have a charge and, collectively, give an element its
Positive, atomic number
Which of the following best describes the structure of the plasma membrane?
a double layer of lipids with proteins embedded in it
The role of insulin in the human body is to
trigger body cells to take up glucose
Imagine a balloon is made from a membrane that's permeable to water but not sucrose molecules. If the balloon is filled with a 50% sucrose solution and then placed in a beaker of water, then the balloon will
get larger as it gains water.
The atomic number of an element refers to the number of in one atom of that element
A deficiency of water in the body is called
A decrease in the body's normal water level can cause all of the following problems Except
increased sweating
Which organelle is found in plant cells but not in animal cells?
Prokaryotes lack all the following Except a
cell wall
Prokaryotic cells are generally BLANK the size of eukaryotic cells
Mehran has heard from some of his teammates that drinking a high protein supplement after football training will improve his muscle mass. He decides to test his hypothesis by examining the effect of a high protein drink on some of his teammates compared with what happens with a control group who drink only water. Which of the following would be the best control for his experiment?
randomly selected teammates in training who are given a placebo instead of a protein drink
What is the pH of a neutral solution?
Imagine some table sugar dissolved in water. which term best describes the water?
which structure is present in this cell but lacking in an animal cell?
cell wall
A news report is an example of a BLANK source of scientific information
Deductive reasoning is used to make BLANK based on a hypothesis
Which macromolecule has a sugar-phosphate backbone?
Nucleic acid
The germ theory was developed by microbiologists, including
Pasteur and Koch
Which organelle contains digestive enzymes that degrade a variety of macromolecules?
Which of the following is not associated with obsesity?
Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
An inifinite variety of enzymes and other proteins could be produced from the BLANK amino acids in the human body.
In science, an indivdual's personal experience or endorsement is considered
anecdotal evidence
Imagine a newly discovered biological molecule that is mostly hydrophobic in its structure. This new molecule will most likely be classified as a
If a drop of red food coloring is added to a glass of water, the red-colored molecules will
move from an area of high concentration of red-colored molecules to an area of low concentration
The BMI calculaton is
a measure of health risk based on height and weight
Diffusion is
the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
When a hypothesis is extensively tested and supported by a large number of studies conducted by many different scientists, then
it is considered a scientific theory.
Which of the following is true regarding the BMI of healthy men and women?
Both healthy men and women have a BMI of at least 20 but less than 25
All the following are reasons we need water, EXCEPT that it
dissolve,carries, and stores Vitamins A,D,E, and K in the body
Why are whole foods better for your health than processed foods?
Processed foods don't contain all the vitamins and minerals found in whole foods.
Which organelle is represented by a network of membranes involved in the production of proteins?
The sampling error refers to the
differences between a group if experimental subjects and the population as a whole
Phagocytic white blood cells digest many of the invasive bacteria that gain entry into the human body. How could a bacterial cell enter a white blood cell in order to be digested?
facilitated diffusion
The most trustworthy source of scientific information is
peer-reviewed research publications
Shannon has considered herself an extremely healthy person for most of her life. She is a marathon runner and watches her diet very carefully. She has 8% body fat, weighs 105 pounds, and is 5'10. Shannon might not actually be a healthy as she thinks because she
doesnt have enough body fat for menstruation or pregnancy
Which of the following is NOT a macronutrient?
A news report on CNN that describes recently published research on a new treatment for colds is an example of an
secondary source
An experimental result is called statistically significant when
the result is unlikely to be due to chance alone
Which feature is found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
What kind of molecule form a bilayer that is basis for all cellular membranes?
Marquisha is 5 foot 6 inches, weighs 155 pounds, and has a body fat percentage of 27%. Although she's not obese, she's doesn't fit the body image of the models in her magazines. How would biologists view Marquisha's health?
Her body fat percentage falls within fall within the ideal range for women, and she's not overweight.
Approximately one out of every BLANK Americans has a BMI greater than 30 and is considered BLANK
3; overweight
Vitamins in the human body
help enzymes function properly
Why is fiber an important part of a healthful human diet?
it may decrease the risk of certain types of cancers
All the following are signs that a website contains reliable scientific information EXCEPT that the site
it is set up to allow you to buy the product being described
What are the monomer "building blocks" that make up proteins?
Amino acids
How do the concentration of H+ and OH- compare to each other in an acidic solution?
The concentration of H+ is higher
During diffusion, solute molecules move
down a concentration gradient of solute molecules
Each of the following is a testable hypothesis EXCEPT
Being a good driver makes you less likely to catch a cold
Even though they're extremely small, viruses are too large to enter a cell by passive or active transport and thus must enter a host cell via
Why is a very low level of body fat unhealthy in young women?
Women need a certain amount of fat to maintain their fertility
Which of the following is a true statement about the differences in fat and energy storage between average men and women?
Women store proportionally more fat in their breasts, hips, and thighs than men.
trans-fatty acids, which are common in fast food, are a concern to nutritionists because they
cant be digested by the human body and thus clog the arteries
There is a strong correlation between stress and suspectibility to colds. This means that
stress might or might not affect suspectibility to colds.