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Catholicism Review

free/undeserved gift God gives us to respond to our vocation to become his adopted children
adoration and honor give to God, which is the first act of the virtue of religion
the Church's official public worship of God through whih Christ our High Priest continues the work of our redemption by means of the Church's celebration of the Pachal Mystery; "the people's work"
effective sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Curch, by which divine life is shaed with us through the work of the Holy Spirit
we can catch a glimpse of the infinite mystery we call God through this, the material world
sacred signs which bear a certain resemblance to the sacraments, and by means of which spiritual effects are signified and obtained through the prayers of the Church
Liturgy of the Hours
the official prayer of the Church, divided into segments to be said throughout the day; consists of Psalms as well as certain humans and prayers of intercessions
the truth of faith that the Song of God assumed human nature and became man to accomplish our salvation in the same human nature
The Lord's Resurrection
since the beginning of the Church, Sunday has been a day to honor/mark this
Paschal Mystery
mystery/events involved in our redemption; Jesus' suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension
Divine Revelation
document from Second Vatican Council to show God hasn't left us to our own halting
first sacrament because we are already beings who must find God for eternal happiness
Postmodernism Worldview
someone who is unsure if there is actually ultimate truth; benchmark is denial of absolute truth; skepticism; religious ritual is foolish
Classical Worldview
best traditional Catholic thinking; believes in ultimate truth; life is meaningful in God; rituals are credible
Initiation Sacraments
Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
Healing Sacraments
Anointing of the sick, Penance/Reconciliation
Service of Communion
Matrimony, Holy Orders
Eastern Rite Baptism
all sacraments of initiation celebrated at the same time
Western Rite Baptism
baptism celebrated for infants, then Confirmation/Eucharist left for later age
St. Augustine of Hippo
instrumental in developing the Church's understanding of sin, forgiveness, and baptism
living transmission of the Gospel message and basic Catholic beliefs
the Confessions
chronicled events of the life of St. Augustine
St. John the Baptist
spent his time in the desert, challenging people to repent/be baptized
formation process that includes catechesis and life in community
sincere change of mind; turns one from sin/toward God
sanctifying grace
pure gift to us at baptism which purifies us/ makes us more like Him
sacred oil that is used in several Catholic sacraments
Mike Yaconelli
warned us that real Christianity ruins lives
original sin
state of being that we inherit by virtue of our membership in the fallen human race
refers to God's gracious action that frees humans from sin; bestows God's righteousness through their belief in Jesus
role from baptism to be joined with Christ in offering worship to God; live life of holiness; oportunity to offer ourselves to God; habit of daily prayer; ponifex "one who builds bridge"
role from baptism to listen and speak God's Word; develop habit of reading/praying the Scriptures; set good example
role from baptism to be "royal" nation of Christ; kingship of service
mainly about conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit; brings us closer to God
Virgin Mary
prepared over her lifetime to receive God's grace; allowed hersself to be filled with the Holy Spirit
disciples went through a radical transformation alongwith all who had received the Holy Spirit
Jewish feast that was the celebration of their ancestor's release from Egyptian captivity; first Eucharist
Early Christians
believed that Jesus was truly present in breaking of bread; celebrated Mass on Sundays; only welcomed baptized Catholics to Eucharist
2 events in Mass
sacrifice of Body/Blood to God, our sharing in communion
mystical body
those with whom we are united with Christ in baptism
through consecration, bread/wine become Jesus
real presence
Jesus is actually there with us every Sunday in church in the Eucharist
possibility of adapting liturgical rituals to specific cultures
John 6
bread of LIFE discourse; Jesus discloses to his followers that Heis the bread that comes down from heaven and e must eat of His flesh if we want to live
Liturgy of the Word
gather (sing, priest welcomes, opening prayer Gloria) and proclaim (OT, psalm, 2nd reading, Gospel, homily, Nincene creed, prayer of faithful)
Liturgy of the Eucharist
break (gifts brought forward, about to be blessed/changed by power of HS) and send (sent out as missionaries)
Oscar Romero
born in 1917 in El Salvador; left school at 12 years old to study carpentry; left for passion for priesthood; ordained in 1942 and made it to archbishop in 1972; defended people from government; shot at funeral
Order of penitents
process by which those who had committed grave sins were brought back into communion with God/Church in early centuries; members often sat outside Church assembly and petition faithful for prayers/support
where practice as we know originated/developed
discipline we perform to correct the roots of our sinfulness
social nature of sin
sin we commit has an impact on the whole community
Priest confession
necessary because they represent God/Church; need to know how to apologize to another human
2 Reconciliation Parts
human (contrition, confession, penance) and God (absolution- forgiveness)
Perfect contrition
feeling sorrow form pure love for God
Imperfect contrition
feeling sorrow from a fear of sin's consequences
St. John Vianney
worked on a farm in France; drafted to army but ran away; ordained at 29, and sent to tiny parish in Ars; holiness attracted tourists to confession; health was bad stuck in booth 10-15 hours a day
condemned by the Catholic Church because the whol point of sex is to have children
Church's teaching on sex
teaching is suprisingly good news
finding true meaning lets us touch core of our being as people; encounter deepest longings, fears, wounds
Romantic Love
leads to attraction, secual intimacy, children, and long last bond