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  1. sanctifying grace
  2. Healing Sacraments
  3. liturgy
  4. 2 events in Mass
  5. catechumenate
  1. a the Church's official public worship of God through whih Christ our High Priest continues the work of our redemption by means of the Church's celebration of the Pachal Mystery; "the people's work"
  2. b formation process that includes catechesis and life in community
  3. c Anointing of the sick, Penance/Reconciliation
  4. d pure gift to us at baptism which purifies us/ makes us more like Him
  5. e sacrifice of Body/Blood to God, our sharing in communion

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  1. we can catch a glimpse of the infinite mystery we call God through this, the material world
  2. discipline we perform to correct the roots of our sinfulness
  3. Matrimony, Holy Orders
  4. the official prayer of the Church, divided into segments to be said throughout the day; consists of Psalms as well as certain humans and prayers of intercessions
  5. first sacrament because we are already beings who must find God for eternal happiness

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  1. John 6bread of LIFE discourse; Jesus discloses to his followers that Heis the bread that comes down from heaven and e must eat of His flesh if we want to live


  2. justificationrefers to God's gracious action that frees humans from sin; bestows God's righteousness through their belief in Jesus


  3. Romantic Loveleads to attraction, secual intimacy, children, and long last bond


  4. Irelandwhere practice as we know originated/developed


  5. Priestrole from baptism to listen and speak God's Word; develop habit of reading/praying the Scriptures; set good example


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