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  1. Liturgy of the Word
  2. justification
  3. creation
  4. Passover
  5. sexuality
  1. a gather (sing, priest welcomes, opening prayer Gloria) and proclaim (OT, psalm, 2nd reading, Gospel, homily, Nincene creed, prayer of faithful)
  2. b refers to God's gracious action that frees humans from sin; bestows God's righteousness through their belief in Jesus
  3. c Jewish feast that was the celebration of their ancestor's release from Egyptian captivity; first Eucharist
  4. d we can catch a glimpse of the infinite mystery we call God through this, the material world
  5. e finding true meaning lets us touch core of our being as people; encounter deepest longings, fears, wounds

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  1. warned us that real Christianity ruins lives
  2. sin we commit has an impact on the whole community
  3. human (contrition, confession, penance) and God (absolution- forgiveness)
  4. believed that Jesus was truly present in breaking of bread; celebrated Mass on Sundays; only welcomed baptized Catholics to Eucharist
  5. living transmission of the Gospel message and basic Catholic beliefs

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  1. sacramenteffective sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Curch, by which divine life is shaed with us through the work of the Holy Spirit


  2. St. Augustine of Hippoinstrumental in developing the Church's understanding of sin, forgiveness, and baptism


  3. 2 events in Massprepared over her lifetime to receive God's grace; allowed hersself to be filled with the Holy Spirit


  4. gracerole from baptism to listen and speak God's Word; develop habit of reading/praying the Scriptures; set good example


  5. Eastern Rite Baptismall sacraments of initiation celebrated at the same time