MLA format and citing

MLA format, plagiarism, and sources Make sure to look at the questions for determining whether or not it is plagiarism, and look over things that do and do not need to be cited.
Times New Roman
what font do you use in MLA format?
what size font do you use?
double space
How do you space your paper?
1 inch
What size margins are you supposed to have?
last name and page number
What should the header contain?
How should the title be aligned on the page?
works cited page
What should always be included that contains citaions for sources used in the paper?
personal pronouns and contractions
What should NEVER be used in a formal paper?
primary source
a firsthand account or original material that has not been edited or interpreted by any other writer; include details only an eyewitness can provide, but they can be very subjective
primary sources
letter, speeches, interviews, diaries, autobiographies, editorials, opinions pieces, eye witness reports, public documents, and photographs are examples of what?
secondary source
contains information (usually researched from primary sources) that is retold, summarized or interpreted by another writer; it is usually written by someone who did not participate in the events, and is almost always written after the event occurs
more objective, lack detail
What are the pros and cons of a secondary source?
secondary sources
textbooks, encyclopedia articles, reference books, biographies, most newspaper and magazine articles, and literary criticism are examples of what?
fictionalized account
based on real events, but didn't actually happen
historical fiction, Julius Caesar
What is an example of a fictionalized account?
the act of taking someone else's words or ideas and presenting them as your own or without giving them proper credit