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an IMP is now called
Transition Control Protocol
Internet Protocol
Different languages were used at each location
the problem with networks that weren't on ARPAnet
No protocols (uncommon rules restricted the ability to send information between locations)
Why Frank Heart compared the network of the 70's to a new highway with no cars
venture capitalist
Money made available for investment in innovative enterprises or research, especially in high technology, in which both the risk of loss and the potential for profit may be considerable. Also called risk capital.
The scientific name of the system that allowed more people computer access to a mainframe
file server
a computer attached to a network that has the primary purpose of providing a location for shared disk access
desktop publishing
killer-app for Macintosh
killer app for IBM pc
killer app for internet
Bob Taylor's first project at the Pentagon
the first network to transmit data into a computer by means of radio waves rather than telephone lines or conventional wires
little chunks of data to be transmitted in a network
packet switching
a digital networking commuications method that groups all transmitted data (regardless of content, type, or structure) into suitably sized blocks, or packets.
interface message processor
IMP makes packet switching possible
"to" and "from", finite content, some get lost, don't always follow the same path
how are packets like postcards?
transmit bursts of data
How phone lines were used with packets in the network
principals of data networking, packet-switching
"theory" that Len Kleinrock "uncovered" in his Ph.D. dissertation
Bohm and Jacopini
they found that all spagetti code was confusing. They proved that all code and software can be designed with a combination of three control structures.
sequence, selection, and repetition
the three control structures bohm and jacopini suggested were...