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he's this really quiet chinese boy that's first clarinet. i seriously don't know if he can talk...


ok so they didn't have a definition so yeah annie's second clarinet and my bffl!!!!
clarinet absolutely luuuuvvvvv her and who r u 2 say shes a ?>>!!#@?<**^$ wtvr


luv u julia! hahahaha how do u always get der b4 me?


MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! omg i'm first french horn this year!!!!!!!
french horn


only 2 things to say:
1. Never hit me and/or blast ur freaking french horn in my ear again!
2. Nerd 101 hehe
ok theres more! how can u seriously b out of step every day in marching?!?!?! seriously?!?!?!
french horn

Nick J.

also a nerd (ok i'm just going to stop using the difinitions) too tall really hairy legs, uhh.... weird haircut. french horn.

Ben M.

hilarious kid. he's obsessed with lord of the rings and celebrates hobbit day. he threw mr. huff's baton and it hit my foot and my foot broke it...
we're playing lord of the rings in concert orchestra... he made it... i'm scared.... :(...
french horn


good friend, not much to say, blah, blah, blah.
sry i sat in ur chair this morning... just get used 2 it... me and annie hav a lot 2 talk abt... and not in front of her mom/grandma (we carpool, we cant talk in the car so we talk b4 band stars...)

Mark B.

ex-crush, still think he's a hottie, JERK!!!!!!!!!! hes actually pretty nice i sat in ur seat this morning... srrrryyyy it was kinda awkward...


awesome she knows that billy likes me!!! she says its obious!!! she likes Mark B. ugh y did i evr lik billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? hes susch a foo...
luv u lydia tho...


uhh don't really know her but she tries to flirt with mark a lot. ur pretty nice... i talked 2 u at the game... and it doesnt rly matter dat u flirt with mark cuz evry1 does.


i hope thats how u spell it but oh well i don't really know her.


wierd. she's nice, but weird.


don't know him.
he quit.

Connor Be.

Marleigh loves him but he's weird and friends with mark.
idk y but he always says hi 2 me now... oh and idc abt ur stupid plasitc mouth peice! will u just shut up abt it!?


hes kinda fat...


really awesome friend l luv u girl!!
alto sax


really short, good conductor, good friend.
alto sax


uh... lesbo!!!! i've herd rumors!!
alto sax

Zach W.

hate him. so weird. i think he likes me, though...
seriously and tht was last year... i think he still does...
alto sax

Michael R.

perv, jerk, ugly, swears a lot, on my bus
ps i hate him too.
alto sax


dani's bro not much more to say.
EXCEPT ur hawt
alto sax


last week i didn't even know his name....
he quit
alto sax


perv, wierdo, his last name is deardorf...
hehehe it makes me laugh
tenor sax

Michael H.

he stalks annie f. and has his family try 2 guess how u spell her last name... CREEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!
tenor sax


his last name is suk poor kid.
hes so frickin annoying tho....
tenor sax


just learned her name....
luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie g

don't really know her.


kinda friend she's cool.
she quit


don't even get me started. so weird!!!! hate him. too many things to explain
1. he plays with his shoes off
2. he weighs 146 lbs
3. hes even more obsessed with lord of the rings than ben
4. keeps attacking me 2 figure out wat my moms worst fear is... she doesnt even have 1!!!!!!!!

john l.

always late and i don't even think he knows that band starts a 7:45 and not 8:whatever.


the best!! u rock!!


really quiet but really nice
i cant beleive u dyed ur hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

john w.

always tired always slouches. sometimes i can't believe he's first trumpet.

annie f.

really awesome billy broke her arm in 4th grade haha really living up to his last name lolz it's bonebrake...
luv u and ur soooo rite! u ma and annie rly need 2 make matching bracelets!
bass clarinet


needs what not to wear. his hair/clothes/face bug me.
omg he has a gf! i saw him with a gurl at dairy queen!
bass clarinet

zach h.

elle's older bro, messed up big time at contest, annie used to like him, blah blah blah when do we get to billy???? (i'm going in order...)
omg i was sooooo stupid! billy IS so stupid!
he quit (zach not billy sadly...)
Barry sax

Nick m.

so funny but weird. says billy's head is ish??? don't ask me.
omg he has way 2 much energy! he seriously is a squirrel on crack!
this morning he couldnt find where his spit was in his tuba and right when we played the first note of the song hes lik "i found it!"
also when da high school director was guest conducting he said he was rly proud of us cuz we all stopped at the same time and then my mom was lik the beatigs hav payed off... and mr hellvy was lik i dont see any beatings and nick was lik "never on the face!" and then brian w. was lik ya evry time she takes a small peice of out hearts... it was hilarious!

ben s.

so weird, hate him, he got an ugly haircut and billy wont stop nagging him about it.
he quit


sry for u cuz u have to sit next to that mess aka ben s.


don't know her very well
hahahaha u and megan hav 2 giv me 1 of ur tiny plastic dinosaurs so i can poke billy with u!!!!!
trombone ( close to billy!!!)(ugh!)

Megan A.

likes billy also. i hate her. she's ugly and billy doesn't like her...
how cud i hate her!!!!!???? i luv her now shes awesome and enjoys poking billy with tiny plastic dinosaurs. how cud i not luv her!? omg do u remember sam? hahaha the glove on his trumpet!!!!!!!!! dominoes!!!! i'm not evn gona try 2 explain...


The hottest guy i know flirts wioth me all the time, really shy, he won't ask me out cuz of that.
i luv him!!!!
GOD I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ON EARTH COULD I LIKE HIM! HES SO STUPID! HE CANT EVEN PLAY A C RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH AND LIK MARK SAYS "HES SUCH A STICK"


billys weird little ginger friend. haha tiny nathan. he was flirting with me the other day... TINY NATHAN


hilarious little dude with cutly blonde hair that cracks me up. the king of jazz!!! he's moving :(
he moved tear i miss him... another tear

Mark D.

uh, tall like really tall, dork but nice yeah.
hes da 1 who called billy a stick cuz hes lik dis huge wrestler guy and billys this little scrawny dork...
he poked me in the butt with a cymbol to say hi to me at jazz band on friday...


he's really cool i don't like him or anything but he's nice.

sam o.

used to be going out with emily but they broke up.


used to be going out with sam but they broke up.



Sam m.

don't really know him but he's kinda cuteish.


i luv u! just cuz ur first trombone and u play rly well... ok mb hes hawt 2... and has gorgeous eyes... but i dont rly luv him... hes kinda a jerk i nvr liked him. EVER!!!!! he wz starin at my butt the othr day...


my french horn buddy. hes the othr first horn. he pretty dorky but sharing a stand with him is way bettr den sharing with nerd 101 hehe apparently he's always right even when hes wrong... SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
french horn

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