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Civics and Economics CE5

What are the four functions of political parties?
Recruiting & Nominating candidates, educating the electorate helping candidates win elections, monitoring the actions of officeholders
What is monitoring the actions of officeholders?
Playing the role of the Watchdog
What are 3rd parties?
Minor political parties that serve a minority of the population and acts a "spoiler."
Proposed the direct election of national Senators as well as the 8 hour work day.
What is the Populist Party?
Developed over a disagreement concerning the Constitution and the strength of the Federal Government
What are the first American Political Parties?
Technique used to promote a particular person or idea?
What is Propaganda?
What is a slanted or one-sided point of view?
What are the Internet, television, radio, national newspapers?
Forms of Mass Media
What is a Political Cartoon?
What is the role of the media in elections?
Identifying candidates, emphasizing selected issues, Writing editorials creating political cartoons, broadcasting different points of views
What are the ways a person can register to vote?
The DMV, by mail, or at the Registrars Office.
What are 18 years old, U.S. citizen, and a resident of the state and precinct that you wish to vote?
Requirements in order to be able to vote in Virginia
What is lack of interest and failure to register?
Reasons for not voting.
How many days do you have to have lived in the Commonwealth in order to be eligible to vote in an election?
22 days
the Electoral College elects:
the President and Vice President
The leading factors for predicting which citizens will vote.
What is education, age, and income?
What is the winner-take-all system?
Leads to the targeting of large states, but forces candidates to pay attention to smaller "swing" states.
What is Congressional Representation?
What the number of electors for each state or commonwealth is based on.
What is the number of Electoral College votes required to be elected President?
What is the two party system?
The requirement for a majority of votes to win the Electoral College favors this.
What are ways a citizen can choose to participate in government?
Through voting, volunteering, writing letters/editorials, running for office
What is the Electorate?
Another term for the citizens who are registered to vote.
What is identifying propaganda?
This is when a citizen determines whether information is attempting to change their mind on an issue, or get them to believe in something
What is evaluating sources?
This when you make sure that the source of your information is credible.
What is detecting bias?
This is when you understand where a writer or speaker is coming from.
What are the differences between political parties?
Found in party Platforms
Why do political parties reflect both conservative and liberal views?
Try to get the people in the middle, otherwise known as the moderates
What is the Republican Party?
Believe in a strong central government, free enterprise, and the good of the many outweighs the good of the few (or the one)
What is the Democratic Party?
Believe in the strength of the states, government support of the citizens, and the importance of individual rights as paramount
What is conduct extensive fund raising activities?
The high costs of campaigning have forced both parties to do this heavily.

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