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Change vs Cost chart
Change vs Cost chart
What is the RIBA plan of works?
it is a guide of an outline 5 suitable work stages to successful completion. It is a valuable tool to management procurement
What are the main stages of RIBA plan of works?
Preperation, Design, pre-construction, construction, use
What are the substages of preperation
1) Appraisal, 2) Design Brief
What are the substages of Design
1) Concept, 2) Design Development, 3) Tehnical design
What are the substages of pre-construction
1) production detail, 2)Tender documentation, 3) Tender Action
What are the substages of Construction
1) Mobilisation, 2)Construction to practical completion
What are the substages of Use
1) Post completion
What is the CIOB plan of work?
It is a guide that outlines 8 stages to completing a construction project
What are the stages of the CIOB plan of work?
1)Inception, 2)Feasibility, 3) Strategy, 4)pre-construction, 5) construction, 6) Services & Commissioning, 7) Completion & Handover, 8)Post completion
What is in the CIOB's Inception Stage?
outline the objectives of the business to the project team
What is in the CIOB's Feasibility Stage?
identify possibilities of taking actions towards the project to become beneficial
What is in the CIOB's Strategy Stage?
identify how the project is going to be carried out, procurement route, programme,
What is in the CIOB's Pre-construction Stage?
appoints a design and construction team to prepare the detail designs and tender documents and select the procurement route of choice
What is in the CIOB's Construction Stage?
actual production of the building, includes h&s files, monitoring
What is in the CIOB's Services & Comissioning Stage?
signing off the functionality of different elements of the building
What is in the CIOB's Completion & Handover Stage?
documentation and handover of information and details to maintain and run the building
What is in the CIOB's Post-completion Stage?
review of the work done in the management of the site
what's the definition of a project manager
it's the client's person in charge of the whole project.
what is project management
planning and coordinating the construction of a project to meet the client's objective
what skills are required for project manager
competent skill to all activities to manage the project to completion
Define a project
objective to create something which is goal orientated, clear project life cycle, defined beginning and end, unique
what are the 10 categories to project manage?
(SPP TCQ PR SFF) scope, procurement, planning and progress, time, cost, quality, people, risk, facilities, success/failure.
Define scope under the project manage
objective, client involvment and experience, funding, defined
Define procurement under the project manage
What contractual and orgnisational route is produced
Define planning and progress under the project manage
analysing the project, setting a plan of action, controlling the progress (compiled in a PEP - project execution plan)
Define time under the project manage
what is the timetable (schedule) and how is it enforced
Define cost under the project manage
budget and how its controlled
Define quality under the project manage
determination of standards and observants. (whats the level of spec)
Define people under the project manage
individual project manager and project teams and the leadershipness involved in that
Define risk under the project manage
what are the risk, who owns them and how are they mitigated
Define success/failure under the project manage
how is it measured
Define facilities under the project manage
the use of capital assets and their maintenance
whats the link between riba and woodword
is to categories the sequence of the woodward activities to successful project