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Young Learners Vocabulary

vocabulary for YLs module
Attention Span
Amount of time learners can concentrate
Authentic Materials
materials used in the target culture for actual communicative needs
Storage boxes that contain materials for classroom use.
Classroom library
An area of the classroom where children can find books
Classroom Management
The way in which the teacher manages the students and content of classroom learning. It includes time, physical arrangement, directing, choice of activities etc...
Holistic Language
language integrated with all the skills
Differentiated Instruction
Opportunities for the students to interact with materials at their own rate and level of proficiency
Language Experience Approach (LEA)
Uses learners' own experiences as a basics for classroom speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Learners dictate to a teacher or assistant who writes down what they say.
A reading approach that teaches the written symbols which represent the sounds of a language.
A short dramatization or play
Sound-symbol correspondence
The relationship between the sounds of a language and the written forms of those sounds
Total Physical Response
A teaching method that combines language learning with physical movements based on commands
Transition techniques
ways to change from one activity to another
Learning centers/stations
Areas of a classroom that are set up for specific purposes such as reading, arts and crafts, manipulatives etc....