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Math Vocabulary - Units 1 & 2


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power of ten
a ten accompanied by an exponent to show how many times ten is being used as a factor
small number to the right and slightly above a number to represent how many times a number is used as a factor
a number being multiplied to make a product
the answer of a multiplication problem
the answer to a division problem
the number you are dividing by
the number that is being divided (would go on the inside of a long division problem)
what is left over when a number cannot divide evenly into another number
place value
The value of a digit based on its position within a number
the location of a digit in a number
a single symbol used to write numbers; includes any of the symbols 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
each group of three digits in a multi-digit whole number, separated by commas; example: thousands period
describing whether numbers are equal to, less than, or greater than
placing numbers in a certain arrangement, typically least to greatest or greatest to least
greater than
less than
standard form
writing a number simply using digits and symbols such as commas or decimal points; example: 3421.98
word form
writing a number using words; example: twenty-nine and three hundred eight thousandths
expanded form
A way to write numbers that shows the place value of each digit; example: 20 + 9 + .3 + .02 + .008
base ten form
expressing a number as factors; example: 3x100 + 2x10 + 5x1 + 4x.1 + 7x.01
a type of estimation with specific rules for determining the closest value to make a similar number that is easier to use; example: 34.57 rounded to 35
decimal point
the symbol ( . ) used to separate the whole number part from the fractional part of a number
a number that includes parts of a whole, which are based on powers of ten (tenths, hundredths, thousandths)