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  1. Zeus
  2. Apollo
  3. Eros and Psyche
  4. Artemis
  5. Midas
  1. a Goddess of moon, maiden of the silver bow, lady of wild things, huntress. Killed Actaeon
  2. b Leader of the gods (Dad was Cronus). Killed father, became king. Married Hera. Known for lightning Bolt.
  3. c Loved gold. Turned daughter to Gold
  4. d Fell in love. One was invisible. One couldn't bear to have an invisible husband, looked at him when he was sleeping, then they could no longer be together.
  5. e God of the sun, patron of music, poetry, math , and medicine. Gold hair, stormy blue eyes, golden bow & arrows

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  1. God of underworld, married Persephone.
  2. Goddess of love and beauty. took Hephaestus as husband
  3. Son of Calliope and the Thracian King.Poet and musician. Bought Eurydice's life back from hades with music, but looked back and lost her
  4. wanted to marry Aphrodite, yet married her statue
  5. Married Zeus, queen of gods, jealous.

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  1. TheseusDefeated the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. forgot to raise white sails, became king of Athens


  2. HermesMessenger god. Adventured 5 mins after birth. Invented alphabet, astronomy, cards. wore winged sandals, engaged with humans


  3. PandoraOpened box of curses


  4. Poseidongod of seas, loved Demeter, made her horses


  5. PrometheusVentured to get head of Medusa


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