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Holt Environmental Science Chapter 9 Hug

the study of human populations
Developed Country
higher average incomes, slower population growth diverse industrial economies and stronger social support systems
Developing Country
lower average income, simple and agriculture based economies and rapid population growth
Age Structure
the distribution of ages in a specific population at a certain time; also called a population pyramid
Population Pyramid
a graph that shows the typical age structure for countries
the percentage of members of a given group that are likely to survive to any age
Fertility Rate
the number of babies born each year per 1,000 women
Total Fertility Rate (TFR)
the average number of children a women gives birth to in her lifetime
Replacement Level
the average number of children each parent must have in order to replace themselves in the population
the movement of individuals between areas
Movement out of an area
movement into an area
Life Expectancy
the average number of years a person is likely to live
Infant Mortality
the death rate of infants less than a year old
Demographic Transition
a model that describes how change in a population occurs from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates
basic falcalities of a country or region such as roads, bridges and sewers
Arable land
farmland that can be used to grow crops
an increase in the ratio or density of people living in urban areas rather then in rural areas
Suburban Sprawl
the spreading of developments into suburban or rural areas
Least Developed Countries
countries identified by the united nations as showing fewest signs of development
carrying capacity
Largest number of individuals of a population that a environment can support
population density
Number of individuals per unit area
curve showing J-shaped or exponential growth
a curve that depicts logistic growth;

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