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Huang He

also known as the Yellow River; flows across China and flooded the land

Chang Jiang

also known as the Yangtze River that's longer than the Huang He


China's first capital city from where Shang kings ruled

Wu Wang

an aristocrat who led the rebellion that defeated the Shang and began the Zhou dynasty


a line of rulers who belong to the same family


nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned; passed their land and power down to the next generation


characters that stand for objects that were used in Chinese writing


chararcters in Chinese writing that join 2 or more pictographs to represent an idea


made up of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government; under the king


a formal order; the Mandate of Heaven gave the Zhou king the power to rule


the proper "Way" for a king to rule, according to the Mandate of Heaven


the first rulers of China were a part of this dynasty


kings from this dynasty ruled over China and may have built the first cities


dynasty that ruled over China for longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history (800 years)

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